Her Boss Scolded Her Because She Blocked His Number While She Was on Holiday

A frustrated woman took to Reddit to ask for opinions after she had to block her boss because he kept texting and calling during her vacation. This is her full story.

Her Vacation Time Was Approved

OP is a 26-year-old woman who works as a security guard in a department store. She is also in a long-distance relationship with her 29-year-old boyfriend.

After a long two months apart, OP’s boyfriend was finally able to come visit her recently. To celebrate, she asked for five days off from her job. That request was approved.

On the night her boyfriend arrived, OP clocked out and was headed to the airport to pick him up. That’s when her new boss approached her and basically begged her to stay on for an extra shift because a co-worker called in sick.

OP said she couldn’t stay because she was picking up her boyfriend. Her boss told her she wasn’t a very good team player and suggested that her BF could take an Uber from the airport.

She’d Earned the Break with Her Boyfriend

Besides the fact that her boyfriend didn’t have a key to her apartment, OP didn’t want to make him feel unwelcome by not picking him up. And she had earned her time off, anyway.

OP headed out to the parking lot and got in her car, and that’s when her boss started texting her.

The new boss had only been on the job for two weeks, and he seemed to want to lean on all his employees, asking them how to do everything. And he had also asked OP out on a date during those two weeks. She politely declined.

So it wasn’t too surprising to OP that the boss was being pushy about wanting her to stay for an extra shift, but he went overboard. She eventually pulled over to turn off her phone because the notifications were so annoying.

Her Boss Scolded Her for Taking Time Off

Then, when she got to the airport, OP had to turn her phone back on so she could connect with her boyfriend. When she did, there were at least 15 text messages from her boss, scolding her for not working extra hours.

At that point, OP felt like she didn’t have any choice, so she blocked her boss’s number.

OP and her boyfriend had a wonderful week together, but her boss continued to email her throughout the entire time. He was asking her questions about how to do the job, many of which she didn’t know the answer to.

Despite the boss’s constant nagging, though, OP resisted the urge to answer him or get wrapped up in any work drama while she was on a rare vacation.

He Said She Was Unprofessional

When she came back to work the next week, though, OP’s boss pulled her into his office and told her how unprofessional she was for not answering his emails. 

OP told her boss that she had been on vacation and that he should have asked her coworkers for help. But he couldn’t be reasoned with and wrote up OP, the first time she was disciplined during her 6 years on the job.

Initially, OP came to Reddit wondering if she had missed some cue or somehow done something wrong by not answering her boss during her vacation.

After seeing what Redditors had to say, though, OP eventually turned her boss in to HR for harassing her. She included screenshots of all the emails and texts he had sent her during her vacation.

She Got Another Job, He Was Fired

In a final update, OP said that she left her job because she didn’t want to be around the negativity.

But there were three flavors of happy ending because she got another job and moved in with her boyfriend, and her bad boss got fired.

Throughout the whole process, Redditors have been on OP’s side. They say that the boss was way out of line for stalking her while she was on vacation.

And She Reported Him to HR

Several commenters suggest that OP should report the boss to HR, which is exactly what she eventually did.

Some also pointed out that the boss might not have been fit for his job if he needed so much help from his employees, anyway.

So, what do you think of this story? Was OP right to block her boss and ignore his constant emails while she was on vacation?

Or is there some world where the boss had a right to intrude on her time off and make those sorts of demands on her?

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