Her Boyfriend Allegedly Predicted Her Big Raise and Now Demands Part of Her Salary for Doing So!

A woman left Redditors shaking their heads and laughing out loud when she revealed that her boyfriend wanted a percentage of her raise. His reasoning just might have you rolling on the floor, too. Here is the full story.

Her Boyfriend Claims He Can See the Future

OP is a 32-year-old woman who has been with her 35-year-old boyfriend for seven years. During that time, he has always claimed to have a special ability to see the future.

OP has mostly humored her boyfriend because she really does love him, but she’s not so sure about his claims.

For instance, one time the boyfriend told OP that he had a dream about her driving around in a new car. Then, two months later, she bought a new car.

Later on, the boyfriend dreamed that OP would soon have a new friend come into her life. She adopted a dog a few months later, and her BF again claimed victory.

But She Doesn’t Take His Predictions Seriously

So, all in all, OP thinks the boyfriend’s “predictions” are a bit weak, but it hasn’t been worth arguing about.

Recently, OP landed a big raise that she had been working toward for more than six years. With the extra money, she planned to make some renovations to her house that she had been putting off. 

Even though the raise was huge at 40%, her new income was still small enough that her life wouldn’t change. She could make some improvements, though.

But when OP told her boyfriend about the raise, he said she needed to set aside some of it for him since he earned it. She had no idea what that meant, so she asked what he was talking about.

He Told Her That He’d Predicted She’d Get a Big Raise

That’s when the boyfriend whipped out his fortune teller card again. He said he dreamed about OP getting a big raise long before it ever happened.

OP didn’t remember any predictions along those lines, and she told her boyfriend so. But he said he didn’t bother to tell her because she always shot down his claims about being able to see the future.

But OP’s boyfriend assured her that he had told some friends, who could back him up.

OP had no intention of asking her boyfriend’s buds for verification, but she also wasn’t giving him her money. She reminded him that she had worked long and hard to get the raise, and that she already had plans for it.

Then His Mates Began Hounding Her

Her boyfriend thought OP was being selfish. He even said she was turning her back on the very people who had helped her get her raise in the first place.

OP laughed out loud at that one, and they argued about the money for a while longer. Finally, her boyfriend stormed off.

Later on, some of the boyfriend’s buddies started hounding OP and said she never treated him right. They didn’t understand why she didn’t take his amazing powers of prediction seriously.

Now, OP is still at odds with her boyfriend and his pals, but she doesn’t think there’s any reason for her to share her raise.

Perhaps She Should Break up With Her Boyfriend and Ask Him if He Saw It Coming!

Reddit commenters think the boyfriend is full of rubbish, and many of them mentioned that they could hardly control their laughter at his silliness.

Several of them shot jokes back and encouraged OP to use them. Like, she should break up with her boyfriend and then ask him if he saw it coming.

A few of them were a bit more serious about the matter and asked OP if she thought maybe her boyfriend needs some sort of help.

So, what do you think of this story?

Is OP’s boyfriend a jokester, a scammer, or just a jerk?

Or do you think it’s possible he really can see the future?

And do you think there’s any way she should give him some of her newfound money?

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