Her Boyfriend Is “Too Busy” for Love So She Delivers Her Ultimatum – Too Clingy?

One woman has revealed her boyfriend’s shocking lack of effort to meet up with her, but now she’s feeling clingy by asking to meet up more. Now, she’s asking if her demands to meet her boyfriend at least two times per week were clingy, and they didn’t hold back!

Her Absent Boyfriend

One partner, Alice, revealed she felt miserable due to hardly ever seeing her boyfriend, Harry.

Early on, the couple’s schedules forced them to spend just a few hours a week together, causing hidden distress for Alice.

Though Harry spent weekends watching YouTube, Alice felt excluded as he never invited her over.

After months, she slammed Harry for not wanting to meet more often.

With a university scholarship taking her away, the couple maintained a long-distance relationship, marked by her monthly visits.

“Too Busy” for Love

Harry received acceptance into a more convenient university, exciting Alice at how they would be.

Alice revealed to Harry that she hoped to spend more time together now they live closer.

Harry claimed he’ll be “too busy” to meet her more often.

Alice blasts Harry once again, saying she’ll be busy but will still make time for him.

A Timed Based Ultimatum

Alice then sets a minimum of two meetings per week, or else she’ll end the relationship.

Was this a step too far? Alice asks Reddit if she was in the wrong.

One user coldly stated, “sounds like he’s not that into you,” in a brutal comment.

Another brutal commenter suggested, “You’re barely in a relationship with him, truthfully.”

Should Alice terminate the relationship or is she doing the right thing? Let us know in the comments.

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