Her Boyfriend Thinks About Dumping Her When She Tells Him She’s Having a Double Mastectomy. What’s More Important, Love or Appearance?

Faced with a health crisis, Sarah had to make a difficult decision. When she shared her choice with her boyfriend, his reaction was not what she expected. This story is about how she confronted the problem head-on and realized some hard truths about her relationship along the way.

Breast Cancer Worries

A few weeks ago, Sarah’s mom got sick with breast cancer. They caught it a bit late, but not too late. She needed to go through treatments like radiation and chemo. The family was really worried about her.

When her mom found out she had cancer, she told Sarah a secret. She said that Sarah’s grandma and one aunt had also died from breast cancer. Now, Sarah and all her aunts and cousins had to get checked right away.

Sarah was really angry at her mom for not telling her sooner. Her mom said she had been in denial, thinking it wouldn’t happen to her. But when Sarah got tested, the doctors said she was at high risk for breast cancer.

One of Sarah’s cousins had the same risk, so she decided to have surgery to remove her breasts.

She Was Going To Have a Double Mastectomy

This is called a double mastectomy. Sarah talked to her cousin and after a lot of thought decided she would have the same surgery. Her mom thought it was the right choice.

Sarah’s boyfriend had been supportive when her mom was diagnosed and when she found out about her own risk. But when she told him she was going to have the surgery, he acted weird.

She tried to explain to him why she had to do it. He just said, “Oh… Cool, I guess,” but she could tell something was off. It was so awkward that she left his house.

The next morning, one of their friends sent Sarah screenshots of a chat with her boyfriend. He had said that he was grossed out by how her chest would look after the surgery.

He Sent One of Their Friends a Message Saying It Was a Turn-off for Him

He also said that he really liked breasts and that it was a turn-off for him that Sarah was going to lose hers. He even planned on breaking up with her and was trying to figure out how to do it without looking mean!

This crushed Sarah. She was worried about getting sick, and now her boyfriend was worried about her not having breasts anymore?

It was really hurtful. He was being really dumb and selfish. And it made her worry about how her body would look after the surgery, even though she didn’t care about it before!

Her surgery was only five days away. She felt nervous and sad because of what her boyfriend had said. The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. So she decided to take action.

He Turned Up With Sunflowers, a Plush Toy, and a Necklace

Sarah decided to meet up with her boyfriend at a Starbucks near their houses. She guessed he knew something was up because he showed up with sunflowers, a plush toy, and a necklace.

He was wearing the shirt she once told him looked good on him and her favorite perfume of his. And wow, did he put on a show!

Despite how he felt about her surgery, he cried a lot. Sarah cried too, but she wasn’t the one getting on her knees, begging for another chance and saying she would change. That’s what her boyfriend did!

He was crying so hard that even the barista at Starbucks whispered, “Just tell him yes, girl, my god…” when he got on his knees.

She Said No to His Proposal

But Sarah didn’t give in. She said no over and over. She had to call a friend to pick her up because she was too embarrassed to walk home with him following her, still crying like someone had died.

After she left, he sent her a picture of an engagement ring. He said she was the one breaking up over something so stupid as “some messages,” and he would find another girl who would wear the ring proudly.

Sarah was shocked and angry because she had told him she didn’t want to get married many times. She wasn’t even religious!

His Wishes Were More Important Than Hers

The whole thing made her see that he never really cared about her, her desires, or her decisions. He thought his wishes were more important than hers.

Sarah was relieved to have realized what kind of person her boyfriend really was. She was glad she had gotten out of the relationship before it was too late and felt like she had dodged a bullet.

What do you think about her boyfriend’s response to her surgery? Did she overreact, or was he being a jerk?

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