Her Bratty Behavior Led Her to Have a Tantrum in a Supermarket and Throwing All Her Goods on the Floor Leaving Her Husband Had to Pick up the Pieces

Suzie used to work at a massive, high-profile retail store, and boy, did she have some crazy stories to share from her two-year stint there. But one particular tale stood out, and this is it.

Most People Knew Her Friendly Face

As a cashier, Suzie often found herself overseeing the self-checkout area. Being in a not-so-huge town, most customers recognized her familiar face.

At her place of work, if you worked a certain amount of time, they required you to take a one-hour lunch break. During this break, you had to clock out completely, with no access to anything in the system.

Management made it clear that performing any work tasks or assisting customers was forbidden during your break. Doing so would land the store in hot water, and you could even lose your job.

On this fateful day, Suzie decided to buy a few things for lunch at the store before heading home to hang out with her mom. After all, she lived just a stone’s throw away.

She Was Going Home to Have Lunch with Her Mom

Armed with her goodies and even a treat for her mom, Suzie happily stood in line at the self-checkout, waiting for an available register.

Though she had her work vest with her, she wasn’t wearing it and had it casually slung over her shoulder.

As fate would have it, when it was finally her turn, a lady rudely shoved past Suzie, knocking a pack of beef jerky right out of her hands. Annoyed, Suzie didn’t want to waste her lunch break on a confrontation.

So she simply picked up her fallen jerky and calmly made her way to another open register, which miraculously became available just seconds later.

But Trouble Was Brewing

Suzie began scanning her goodies at the new register. Little did she know that trouble was brewing behind her.

Suddenly, she heard snapping sounds and a loud “Hey!” Startled, she turned around to find the same woman glaring at her.

Confused, Suzie blinked at her before the woman demanded, “Hey, I need help over here. I scanned this item twice, and I need you to take it off.”

Suzie glanced over and saw that her coworker, who was supposed to be overseeing the self-checkout, was busy assisting another customer.

She Couldn’t Help Her

Politely, Suzie replied, “Oh, sorry. I’m on my lunch break right now, so I can’t help you. But my coworker should be free to assist you in just a second.”

Unsatisfied, the woman, Bella, didn’t take kindly to Suzie’s response. She glared daggers at Suzie and questioned, “Why can’t you help me? You’re right here!”

Perplexed, Suzie calmly explained that she couldn’t assist because she wasn’t on the clock.

During her lunch break, she couldn’t perform any work tasks, and her ID wouldn’t work in the system. Helping Bella would risk trouble for both Suzie and the store.

You Work Here!

Bella, however, stomped her foot and declared, “That’s damn stupid! You work here! If you’re in the building, you’re working. You have to come to help me!”

At that moment, Suzie’s coworker finished with the other customer and walked over to assist Bella. But Bella remained adamant, accusing the coworker of being lazy and insisting that Suzie should have helped her.

Determined not to let Bella’s tantrum ruin her day, Suzie focused on finishing her checkout. She ignored Bella’s rants while her coworker explained once again that Suzie couldn’t assist due to her lunch break.

But Bella wasn’t satisfied. She threw her purchased items on the ground, abandoned her cart, and stormed over to the customer service desk, where Suzie’s manager happened to be standing.

“Your Employee Was Refusing to Help Me”

Bella complained loudly to the manager, exclaiming, “Your employee was refusing to help me and being extremely rude!” Unfazed, the manager glanced at Suzie and asked, “Suzie, are you on the clock?”

With a shake of her head, Suzie replied, “Nope, I’m just trying to grab my lunch and head home.” The manager then sternly explained to Bella that Suzie was not on duty and couldn’t assist her.

Instead of seeking help from Suzie’s coworker, Bella stormed out of the store, swearing never to return. Well, alrighty then. The store wouldn’t miss her.

But the story didn’t end there. As Suzie chatted with her manager and a few coworkers, Bella’s husband stormed into the store.

She Flashed Him a Mischievous Grin

He went to Bella’s register, completed his own checkout, and then approached Suzie and the others.

He informed Suzie that his wife was sobbing and in severe emotional distress in the car because of how Suzie had supposedly treated her. He added sarcastically, “I hope you’re really proud of yourself.”

Suzie, undeterred by the husband’s remarks, flashed a mischievous grin and gave him a thumbs-up. As he walked away, the manager told Suzie she could take an extra thirty minutes if she wanted.

And She Enjoyed Her Jerky in Peace!

With a skip in her step, Suzie happily headed home to enjoy her jerky in peace. You see, Bella, retail workers are humans, too, with basic needs and rights that people should respect.

And that is Suzie’s standout retail adventure – a tale that reminds us all to treat retail workers with kindness and understanding.

Have you ever had to deal with a customer that talked down to you? How did it go?

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