Her Brother-In-Law Accuses Her of Being Racist as She Gifts a Cute Monkey Baby Onesie Saying “Just Monkeying Around!”

This expectant mother had her baby shower surrounded by friends and family, only for it to be ruined by a onesie gift that her partner deemed as racist. The mother’s sister, who’s white, bought a baby gift for the mother, a biracial woman with a black husband. The gift was a onesie with a picture of a monkey on the front, causing the expectant father to blast the sister for her actions.

Is “Just Monkeying Around!” Offensive on a Baby’s Cute Onesie?

When the expectant mother joyfully shared her pregnancy news, her sister headed to TJ Maxx to pick out a special gift. 

Among the gender-neutral baby clothes she purchased was a set of adorable onesies with various animal puns. 

The onesie in question displayed a cute picture of a monkey with the phrase, “just monkeying around!”

The expectant mother’s partner, a 32 year old black male, erupted in anger, claiming that the monkey onesie was a deliberate racist move by her sister. 

According to him, there’s “no way” her sister didn’t realise the offensiveness of the shirt. 

Mom-To-Be Doesn’t Think So

Keep in mind, all parties involved are American, so this controversy is rooted in social norms.

The expectant mother doesn’t view the shirt as offensive at all. In fact, she would have happily dressed her child in it without a second thought. 

To gain some unbiased perspective, she turned to several black women she works with and asked for their opinion. 

Surprisingly, they all agreed that her sister didn’t do anything wrong with the onesie.

The Tension Is Reaching Breaking Point

But the partner remains adamant, refusing to have the sister around due to this perceived racism. 

The expectant mother is choosing to ignore this demand. The tension between them is reaching its breaking point. 

Adding fuel to the fire, they recently watched a rerun of the popular show “The Big Bang Theory.” 

In the episode, Sheldon gifted a black woman a Roots DVD set and an Asian man a Jackie Chan set. 

There Was No Racial Intent Behind the Gift

The partner argued that if she understood why that was wrong, she should also understand the alleged wrongdoing of her sister’s gift.

The expectant mother acknowledges the racial implications of the gift, but she refuses to label her sister, whom she has known her entire life, as a racist when she doesn’t believe there was any such intent behind the gift.

Now, the mother has turned to Reddit to gain some perspective, and they didn’t hold back!

“You’re Having a Kid and None of You Can Communicate Like Adults, Good Luck!”

This user accuses the husband of finding problems where there aren’t any, “Your partner is either inventing problems with your family or there’s some unspoken history.”

White another user slams the whole family in a shocking comment, “You’re having a kid and none of you can communicate like adults, good luck.”

Who’s right and who’s wrong in this fascinating racial family feud? Let us know in the comments.

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