Her Clever ‘Gucci’ Laptop Return Goes Viral on TikTok

A laid-off employee has become an internet sensation after sharing a video on TikTok that showcases her unique approach to returning her work laptop. 

She Captured the Attention of Viewers

With over one million views and counting, TikTok user @champagneanddividends captured the attention of viewers with her unconventional choice of packaging. 

In the video, she can be seen carefully placing her gray MacBook laptop inside a distinct green Gucci shopping bag.

Accompanying the video, she added a caption that shed light on her intention: “Sending my work laptop back in a Gucci bag after being made redundant, so they don’t know I’m screwed without the job.” 

It was revealed that the Gucci shopping bag was originally obtained as a prize won by her partner, but she held onto it for future use, unaware that it would serve as a clever disguise for her laptop return.

Stay Classy Friends

Adding a touch of humor, she encouraged her audience to “stay classy friends,” signifying her determination to face the situation with grace and composure.

The caption of her post further emphasized her optimistic outlook: “Gotta do what you gotta do…onto bigger and better.”

The video quickly garnered attention and received praise from TikTok users, who admired the employee’s resilience in face of adversity.

Many applauded her for maintaining her composure and putting on a brave face in front of her former employers. 

They Loved Her Petty Vibe

“Now that’s real petty! Love it!” someone said. 

Some viewers even suggested she should have considered keeping the laptop as a form of retaliation, while others shared their own stories of subtle ways they had gotten back at their employers after being let go.

“Girl, my laptop would have ‘gone missing’ at that point. Oops sorry,” one user wrote.

Commenters expressed their support, with one enthusiastic TikToker exclaiming, “That’ll show ’em!!!!”

Another user echoed the sentiment, stating, “I’d do this,” while a third person playfully suggested they would have “accidentally” made the laptop disappear. 

She Even Offered to Buy the Macbook!

In response, the original TikTok creator revealed she had actually offered to buy the MacBook from her former employer, but the offer was declined.

Furthermore, the viral video not only entertained viewers, but also sparked discussions about the resilience and creativity individuals exhibit in face of job loss. 

The TikTok video is a testament to the power of humor, resourcefulness, and resilience in navigating life’s setbacks.

It resonated with viewers, fostering a sense of solidarity among those who have faced similar circumstances, and reminding everyone of the importance of maintaining a positive outlook, even in challenging times.

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