Her Coworker Accused Her of Being Transgender Because the Toilet Seat Was Left ‘Up’. Should She Have Turned the Other ‘Cheek’?

A woman sparked outrage and confusion on Reddit when she and a coworker exposed each other’s bathroom habits at lunch one day. The following story turned into a transgender squabble!

She Hovers in the Bathroom

OP is a 25-year-old woman who works at a small company with about 15 employees. She gets along with everyone except a particular 40-year-old woman.

The other woman is very politically conservative, while OP definitely is not. That leads to tension between the two women, and though OP tries to avoid arguments, she admits they get into it sometimes.

One day, OP needed to use the restroom right after a cleaning crew had come through. They left the toilet seat raised, which was fine with her because she never sat, anyway. She hovered.

But when OP finished her business and washed her hands, she bumped into her political nemesis. OP apologized, then went on with her day.

Her Coworker Claims She’s a Transgender Person

Over the next couple of weeks, OP noticed that the older woman was being even more snotty than usual. But it wasn’t too far out of character, so OP didn’t think much of it.

Then one day, while the group was having lunch, the conversation turned to athletics. That’s when the older woman said that people like OP ruined sports for everyone else.

OP is taller than average, and she assumed that’s what the other woman meant. So she asked her to clarify if she was talking about her height.

But to OP’s shock, the 40-year-old said she was talking about transgender people. OP could hardly comprehend what she was hearing since she is a cisgender female. 

But She’s All Woman

OP does consider herself to be a tomboy but she also considers herself to be very feminine. Her coworker’s words were just bizarre.  

OP told her attacker that there is nothing wrong with transgender people, but assured her that she had always been a female.

But the other lady was confident she had caught OP in a lie and told everyone that she had found the toilet seat up after OP used the restroom.

The room fell silent as the woman stared smugly at OP, who had trouble believing this was a real conversation.

All Because She Squatted!

OP was almost speechless, but she managed to tell the group that she had squatted. Then she asked the other woman if she was in the habit of sitting directly on public toilet seats.

Caught making an assumption about OP that was way off base, the other woman turned bright red and mumbled as she hurried out of the room. 

In the aftermath, OP’s coworkers told her they thought she was an idiot for calling out the other woman and exposing her bathroom habits.

OP thought that was pretty rich, considering that the woman had done exactly the same thing to her first.

They Dished Out the Toilet Humor

Many Reddit commenters found some humor in the situation and think that OP was justified to dish the toilet humor back to her nemesis.

A few think that both women were being childish and that OP should have taken the high road.

But plenty of Redditors wanted to focus on OP’s bathroom habits. They wanted to know exactly why she squatted rather than using a seat guard

Could Squatting Lead To Incontinence?

Some said that women like her caused women’s bathrooms to become dirtier than men’s bathrooms.

And others even suggested that squatting could lead to incontinence problems later in life.

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP right for standing her ground and fighting back against the coworker who seems to have a problem with transgender people?

Or should she have turned the other (ahem) cheek and tried to change the subject of their lunchtime conversation?

And do you think that OP’s own bathroom habits are as problematic as some Redditors suggest?

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