Her Dad’s Errand Demands Erupt Into Explosive Family Fallout – Is He Just Jealous of His Daughter’s Academic Success? Redditors Have Their Say!

A self-assured dad sparked outrage on Reddit after he asked his adult daughter for help running some errands. She refused, and he had a big problem with her reasoning. Here is the full story.

She Needed To Grade Some Papers During Her School Holiday

OP is a 54-year-old man with a 28-year-old daughter. The young woman is in graduate school working on a Ph.D.

During a recent break in the school year, OP’s daughter was scheduled to have a month off from her work duties. He asked her to stay with him, and she agreed to spend two weeks at his house.

That irked OP because he thought his daughter should have spent the entire month with him, but he’d take what he could get.

Before OP’s daughter could get away, though, she had to finish grading some papers for her students to wrap up the semester.

But Her Grading Wasn’t Due for Two Days

In the meantime, OP had bought his younger daughter a sweater as a gift. The problem was it was a sweater she already had, so OP needed to exchange it.

Because OP was busy at work, he asked his older daughter if she could handle the exchange for him.

She agreed but said it would have to wait a day because she was in the middle of grading.

But OP didn’t think that was reasonable since his daughter had already told him the grades didn’t need to be in for another two days. She does her grading online and can work on it at any time.

He Got Really Angry

OP told her to put her grading aside and make the exchange that same day so her sister could have her new sweater.

But OP’s daughter refused and said she didn’t want to break up her work. She told OP he could make the exchange himself if it had to be done that day.

That made OP even angrier, but he decided to let it slide. Little did he know that another firestorm was just over the horizon.

A couple of days later, OP called his daughter again and told her she needed to pick up a gift he had ordered.

He Looked up the Grading Calendar Online

But his daughter reminded him she had to finish her grading that day and said she couldn’t make the pick-up.

But OP had done his homework and looked up the school’s grading calendar online. According to the posted schedule, his daughter had another full day to get the grades submitted.

So OP called out his daughter and said she was lying about the grading schedule. But she wouldn’t back down and said she had other work to do the next day.

His daughter again said she had to finish her grading that day and refused to pick up the gift. But she offered to pick it up another time.

And Blew His Top!

That’s when OP blew his top and told his daughter to find somewhere else to stay for the two weeks she had planned to spend at his house.

To his shock, OP’s daughter told him she had never wanted to stay with him. She was only coming because he had insisted, but she’d be happy to stay away.

She would spend some time with a girlfriend during the break instead.

Now, OP is angry and confused. He thinks his daughter is self-centered and childish, and he can’t understand why she doesn’t want to help him.

Is He Just Jealous of His Daughter’s Academic Success?

For the most part, Redditors think OP is selfish and completely out of touch with reality. They can’t believe he wants his daughter to drop her grading and run errands for him.

Many of them think he’s just jealous of his daughter’s academic success, and several pointed out the irony of him calling her self-centered.

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