Her Date Was Being Too Pushy, So She Decided To Get Some Revenge

First dates can be awkward, and sometimes they can be downright terrible, but this woman’s tale is on a whole new level. Luckily she knew how to handle herself and was able to get revenge on a date that wasn’t respecting her wishes and forcing her to get drunk.

Adventurous Dater

It was ten years ago when the original poster (OP), an 18-year-old adventurous and daring young woman, decided to try her luck with online dating. 

Living in the US, just 15 minutes away from the Canadian border, she matched with a guy, and they decided to go on a first date in Canada, as she couldn’t legally drink in the US but could in Canada. 

Little did she know that this date would turn into a nightmare and lead her to seek revenge in the most epic way possible.

First Date at a Casino in Canada

The date started off seemingly well, with her date picking her up in his flashy sports car, and they crossed the border together to go to a bar and casino in Canada. 

They played games, had drinks, and were having a decent time. However, things quickly took a turn when the OP reached her limit and politely told her date that she couldn’t drink any more alcohol.

She asked if they could start heading home, but instead of listening to her, he went and got them both another round of drinks! 

He handed the OP a big long island iced tea, which she told him point blank that she couldn’t drink as she was at her limit.

He Forced Her to Drink More

However, instead of respecting her boundaries, he became pushy and insisted that she had to drink more because he had bought the drinks and didn’t want to waste his money!

The OP stood her ground and repeatedly told him no, but he continued to push her. She started to feel frustrated and upset, realizing that she was alone in another country with a pushy man.

She blamed herself for getting into this situation but decided to take matters into her own hands and seek revenge.

After arguing for a while, the OP hatched a plan. He agreed to take her home after she finished the drink, so she chugged the drink in defiance, knowing that she was reaching her limit. 

He Said He’d Take Her Home

They got into his car and started driving towards the border, with him proudly talking about his car’s features during the drive. 

The OP, however, ignored him, focusing on keeping her queasy stomach under control. Her goal was to make it through the border crossing at least, which was proving to be challenging.

Finally, they made it through the border crossing, and as soon as they crossed back into the US, the OP turned to her date, looked him straight in the eyes, and unleashed her revenge. 

She told him in no uncertain terms, “I didn’t appreciate how you forced alcohol down my throat after I repeatedly told you no. I know my limits, and you ignored and disrespected me. I said I couldn’t drink more for a REASON.”

She Was Sick Everywhere

And then, without hesitation, while maintaining direct eye contact with him, she started vomiting in his precious sports car.

She had planned for this moment and made sure to cause as much damage as possible. She vomited all over the seat, the floor, and the dash, leaving her date in a state of panic.

The OP then started crying, blaming him for the mess and giving him two options – either take her home or let her out of the car immediately, warning him that she would call the police if he didn’t comply.

Her date, shocked and overwhelmed by the situation, dropped her off at her home, and the OP never saw him again. 

Unglam Revenge

She had gotten her revenge, and while it may not have been the most glamorous way to end a first date, she felt satisfied that she had stood up for herself and taught him a lesson about respecting other people’s boundaries!

Looking back on this incident, The OP reflects on the importance of setting and maintaining boundaries in dating and relationships.

It’s never okay for someone to push you into doing something that makes you uncomfortable, and it’s essential to stand up for yourself and take action when needed.

They Loved Her Tale

Redditors loved her story.

One user said, “Served him right. I have zero use for anyone that would drug another person. Regardless of motives, it’s just wrong to attempt to put another person in a compromised situation – especially when they express they are done.

Your revenge was on point and well deserved. And that car? They come and go. A really great person? Hard to come by. The dude missed out.”

What do you think of her tale of revenge? This was a professional revenge story. Hopefully, this guy learned his lesson!

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