Her Discriminatory Teacher Is Put On Leave for Telling Her to ‘Shut Up’ and ‘Speak English While You Are in America’

A teacher in Richmond, Virginia, has been placed on administrative leave after reprimanding a student for speaking Spanish, prompting an investigation and condemnation from the school district for racism and intolerance.

Her Teacher Was Discriminatory

In a disheartening incident that unfolded at Boushall Middle School in Richmond, Virginia, a teacher has been placed on administrative leave following a troubling encounter where she chastised a sixth-grade student for speaking Spanish in class, bluntly telling her to “shut up.” 

The distressing audio recording of the incident was shared online, bringing attention to the teacher’s discriminatory remarks. 

In the recording, the teacher can be heard insisting that if the student wished to speak Spanish she should, “Go wherever that Spanish-speaking country is and speak it, but when you’re in America, you’re going to speak English in the classes that they offer you“. 

Don’t Be Afraid About Speaking Out

Additionally, the teacher went on to express the expectation that the student should “appreciate” the English language.

In response to the incident, the Richmond School Board convened a meeting on Monday night, inviting concerned community members, parents, and supporters from the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) to address the matter. 

During the meeting, the mother of the student, speaking in Spanish, urged fellow Hispanic individuals not to be afraid to speak out and emphasized the importance of parents defending their children. 

Following the meeting, the student herself expressed the hope that no other Hispanic child would have to endure a similar experience.

The School Is Investigating

The school district has taken immediate action, launching an investigation into the incident. 

In an official statement, the district strongly denounced any form of racism, bigotry, or intolerance, reaffirming their commitment to supporting and advocating for a diverse group of students representing various races and nationalities. 

Superintendent Jason Kamras echoed this sentiment, condemning the offensive language used by the teacher and assuring the community that the district is actively addressing the issue. 

Kamras emphasized the importance of clear expectations regarding respectful communication and recognizing and honoring the identities of both students and staff.

Students Should Feel Safe, Supported, and Free From Discrimination

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for inclusive and respectful learning environments, where all students can feel safe, supported, and free from discrimination.

It has sparked a wider conversation about the significance of cultural sensitivity and the responsibility of educators to foster an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding.

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