Her Dispute With a Smelly Neighbor Has Become a Nightmare That Is Tearing Her Family Apart!

This girl has messed up badly. She’s angered her neighbors, caused her parent’s house value to drop dramatically, and ruined the quality of their life in one fell swoop! Read on to find out how.

She Thought It Was a Simple Misunderstanding

Our storyteller, PB, never thought that a simple argument with her neighbors would become a nightmare that jeopardized her parents’ retirement home.

It all started when her family moved to a small rural community in the Midwest.

They wanted to enjoy a peaceful and affordable life after her father’s retirement, but they soon found themselves in the middle of a conflict with their farmer neighbors.

PB and her family had the smallest lot in the area, surrounded by vast farms owned by their neighbors. Every morning the loud noise of farm machinery woke PB.

Her Neighbors Yelled at Her

She tried to tolerate it, but one night, when she was listening to rap music with a friend in her car, her neighbors yelled at her, asking her to turn down the volume.

Things got worse when one of their cows wandered into PB’s backyard while she was outside. She gave them a dirty look and waited until they got the cow back.

However, the incident didn’t go unnoticed by her neighbor, who complained to her dad about PB’s “behavior” and asked her to apologize.

PB refused to apologize, thinking that she didn’t do anything wrong. Her neighbor’s “redneck” speech didn’t sit well with her, and she thought that it was a matter of principle not to apologize when she was not at fault.

She Thought It Was the End of the Matter

She even confronted her neighbor and told him to respect other people’s property boundaries.

PB thought that was the end of the matter, but she was wrong.

When PB and her dad came back from their spring break, they found out that their neighbors were constructing a large shed right up against the property line, only 20 feet from their house.

Her mom asked a woman who lived further down if she knew what it was about and got told that the neighbors had decided to build a pig barn in retaliation for PB’s behavior.

Pig Barn Tactics

A woman down the street informed PB’s mother that the shed was going to be a pig barn. Apparently, this was a known tactic to drive out unwanted neighbors, and it was very effective.

PB’s dad was furious, but there wasn’t much he could do. The area was zoned agricultural, and technically, the neighbor was allowed to have up to 200 pigs on the property.

He had already ordered the pigs, and there was nothing PB’s dad could do to stop him. The family was facing the prospect of living next to a pig barn and enduring the smell and noise for the foreseeable future.

At first, PB tried to brush it off, but the reality of the situation hit her when the pigs arrived a few days before Easter. The smell was overwhelming, and PB couldn’t escape it.

The Stench Was Awful

She tried playing white noise to drown out the noise, but nothing seemed to work on the smell. Her parents were complaining about it, and she could tell that it was bothering them.

The smell was especially bad in her bedroom, which was the closest to the barn. PB could see the barn right out of her window, and she couldn’t escape the stench.

PB’s parents were trying their best not to blame her, but she could tell that they were struggling. The situation was becoming more and more unbearable, and they were at a loss for what to do.

The smell seemed to be getting worse every day, and even opening the windows for fresh air wasn’t an option.

Her Pride Got in the Way

PB had messed up by not apologizing to her neighbors. She had let her pride get in the way, and now her family was paying the price.

PB didn’t know how much longer they could endure it. The smell seemed to be seeping into everything, and PB was afraid that the scent had ruined their property value for good.

PB’s dad had every right to be furious with her, but he wasn’t throwing it in her face. PB wondered how much longer they could go on like this. The stench was so bad that even opening a window was a mistake.

They were all trapped in their own home, prisoners of the smell. PB had learned her lesson the hard way: sometimes, it’s better to apologize and move on than to stick to your principles and risk everything.

She Had Caused Irreparable Damage

By standing her ground and refusing to apologize, she had caused irreparable damage to her family’s relationship with their neighbors.

She had learned a valuable lesson about the importance of compromise and how it could have prevented this whole mess.

Redditors felt for this girl but thought she wasn’t telling the whole story and should have apologized earlier.

Being Right Next Door Is Vile

One user said, “I would love to know where this is; as someone who is from the Midwest and lived in a rural area, I’ve heard of this a couple of times.

Pig farms definitely scale, but with 100 pigs even a couple of farms over (if they were 300 acres), you’d still get a whiff of this on bad days. Being right next door is vile.

I lived a few miles away from a rather large one, and I’d smell it from time to time. What did you do to this guy!?”

What do you think about this farmer’s revenge? Kids make mistakes, but she definitely should have apologized – this is not a mistake that’s easy to forget!

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