Her Evil-Spirited Mother-In-Law Spitefully Cut Off Her Hair, so She’s Pressing Charges for the Scissor Assault

In OP’s younger years, she weathered many tough times. During these periods, her hair became an unconventional comfort zone. Whether it involved chopping it off, dyeing it, or styling it peculiarly, every change she made to her hair helped her regain some control over her chaotic life.

Her Hair Was Her Strength

The year 2011 marked a significant moment in her hair history. She donned a bold, purple 80’s mohawk, which involved shaving off a considerable chunk of her hair.

This act symbolized a turning point where she felt her control slipping away. From then on, she decided to let her hair grow, only intervening for regular upkeep.

The following years saw her hair flourish, growing to thigh length after the birth of her third child.

For OP, her lengthy locks symbolized not just a physical transformation, but also her progress in achieving better mental health and overall happiness. Her hair became an integral part of her identity.

She Kept It in a Bun

With three children under five years, OP’s beautiful long hair was most often confined to a bun, braid, or ponytail.

Any loose strands risked being tugged by curious little hands. However, this practical style choice seemed to rile her husband’s stepmother immensely.

Every encounter with the stepmother involved a jibe at OP’s hair. The stepmother viewed her long hair as a ‘waste’ and an unfitting hairstyle for a mother.

However, OP chose to ignore these snide remarks, not willing to feed into the stepmother’s need for attention.

Her Mean-Spirited MIL Cut Off Her Hair!

On an unsuspecting day, while OP was nursing her youngest child and engaging in a pleasant conversation with her husband and father-in-law, she experienced a sudden tug on her hair.

In an act of absolute betrayal, the stepmother cut off a considerable portion of OP’s bun, causing a shocking scene that left everyone flabbergasted.

The fallout from the incident was intense. OP, heartbroken and struggling to hold back tears, watched as her husband confronted the stepmother.

Their daughter began to cry, setting off the stepmother, who insisted it was a mere joke.

Her Hairdresser Salvaged What She Could

Amidst the ensuing chaos, they decided to leave the house, with the husband delivering a final remark about his father divorcing his child-like wife.

In the aftermath, OP sought immediate help from a hairstylist. Accompanied by her sister-in-law, she grieved over the chopped strands of her once beautiful hair.

Though the stylist did an exceptional job bringing some shape to the ruined hair, OP was left with a profound sense of loss.

She’s Pressing Charges for the Scissor Assault

Following the incident, OP received half-hearted apologies from her stepmother-in-law, who trivialized the incident.

However, after consulting with her husband and sister-in-law, OP decided to press charges for the hurtful act, while also considering options like hair extensions to regain her lost sense of self.

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