Her Ex’s New Wife Throws Shade and Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine – Her Unemployment Clapback Was Heard ‘Round Reddit

A young woman stirred up outrage and suspicion among Redditors after she called out her ex-boyfriend’s new wife for not working. Is it possible she still has feelings for the one that got away? Here is the full story so you can decide for yourself.

She Was Heartbroken

OP dated her ex-boyfriend for about a year, but he broke up with her five years ago. She took it pretty hard at first and even remembered spending an evening sending him embarrassing texts.

It didn’t help that the ex kept sending OP messages telling her they should still be friends. He broke her heart, and she couldn’t bear to be still friendly with him when she knew it wouldn’t go anywhere.

Since then, both of them have moved on, with OP focusing on her career and advancing rapidly.

She has dated a few people here and there but has not had a serious relationship since she split with her ex.

He Started Dating Again and Got Married

OP’s ex-boyfriend, meanwhile, started dating another girl a couple of months after the breakup. They have been together ever since and recently got married.

OP and her ex still live in the same general area, so their social circles overlap.

That means that while they don’t run into each other very often, OP occasionally hears about her ex through the grapevine.

Every so often, though, OP and her ex find themselves in the same place simultaneously. They’re cordial and might chat for a few minutes when that happens.

His New Wife Is Unemployed

But OP admits that she and her ex-boyfriend’s new wife have never had much to do with each other. They mostly try to avoid situations where they have to talk, and OP knows that the other woman dislikes her very much.

OP really doesn’t know much about her ex’s wife, and she doesn’t care to know. However, one thing that’s come up in various conversations is that the wife has been unemployed for a long time.

Recently, OP went out with some friends. Her ex and his new wife ended up at the same table with her. Someone asked OP if she was dating anyone at some point in the conversation.

When OP replied that she was not seeing anyone, her ex’s wife lit up. The other woman wisecracked that some people were just meant to be single, even adding that “it’s okay.”

She Needed To Apologize to His Wife!

That ruffled OP’s feathers, and it embarrassed her. About 10 of her other friends were at the table, and she was suddenly on the spot.

So, in an instant, OP lashed back. She agreed that maybe some people were meant to be single, just like others were meant to stay unemployed forever!

That comment hit OP’s ex’s wife like a gut punch, and she broke into tears. Then she got up from the table and ran out of the bar.

Later that night, OP’s ex-boyfriend texted her to say that she had landed a low blow and that she needed to apologize to his wife.

… But OP Stood Her Ground

But OP told her ex she was just reacting to his wife’s words. OP said she would apologize, but only if the wife apologized first.

The other woman refused to apologize, so OP stood her ground, too. More out of curiosity than anything, OP wonders if she overreacted.

But even if she did, OP feels like she was just defending herself when her ex’s wife attacked.

“The Other Woman Could Dish It Out but Couldn’t Take It Herself”

Most Redditors think OP was justified for lashing out at her ex’s wife. They think the other woman could dish it out but couldn’t take it herself.

But some commenters think that OP is not really over her ex. They say she needs to stop thinking about him so much and finally move on with her life.

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