Her Family Is Torn Apart: Mother Reveals Son’s Disturbing Behavior and Husband’s Heartbreaking Confession!

One mother, Steph, is heartbroken after her beloved son, Ethan, continues to show worrying behavior, whether attacking a student for a petty reason in preschool, pushing girls under water in summer camp, or even throwing darts at someone at a carnival. Her husband, Joel, is in denial, and they must take a break in the relationship. Now, she needs advice on what to do next.

“He Was Always a Bit Slow and Offbeat, but I Thought It Was Just His Unique Personality”

Steph and her high school sweetheart husband, Joel, always dreamed of having children before their wish was granted, welcoming home their beloved son, Ethan.

They began to suspect something was seriously wrong with Ethan after the tragic events. Steph recalls, “He was always a bit slow and offbeat, but I thought it was just his unique personality.”

From ages 3 to 5, Ethan seemed shy and had difficulty socializing with other children his age.

The year 2020 it brought an unexpected turn of events when Covid-19 hit, forcing Ethan into isolation.

His School Principal Revealed a Disturbing Incident

Steph explains, “He lost all contact with the outside world, and we started noticing changes.”

But during the 2021-22 school year, they received a call from the principal, Vanessa, revealing a disturbing incident.

Ethan had attacked another student because he wasn’t allowed to be the line leader.

Alarmed by Ethan’s behavior, Steph and Joel decided to homeschool him for the remainder of the year.

He Tried To Drown Some Little Girls

They hoped it was just a phase resulting from the pandemic. They would receive calls about new incidents involving their son every few months.

Seeking a social environment for Ethan, Steph enrolled him in a summer camp. However, she had no idea about the terrible incidents to follow.

On the second day, Ethan became enraged when some girls took his goggles at the pool, holding their heads underwater until counselors intervened.

Ethan began attending therapy and showed some improvement, but hopes were short-lived after the next incident.

Her Husband Said He Never Would Have Wanted Ethan if He Had Known How Things Would Turn Out

At a carnival, Ethan’s tantrum during a dart game escalated, and he dangerously threw a dart at a stall attendant, narrowly missing them.

Returning home, Steph and Joel confronted the crisis, leading to a heated argument. Joel accused Steph of never mentioning their son’s behavior before, leaving her devastated.

In the heat of the moment, Joel uttered words that pierced Steph’s heart, saying he never would have wanted Ethan if he had known how things would turn out.

Their relationship shattered, and Joel left to stay with his brother, leaving Steph alone with their troubled son.

“You Need Therapy for You and Your Son To Determine Where This Comes From and How To Get Him To Understand That Hurting Other People Is Wrong”

Steph sought guidance from the Reddit community, questioning if she could’ve done things differently.

“Your son has behavioral problems and needs treatment. Sounds like your husband is in denial and doesn’t want to deal with it. It’s a problem you both need to address,” One user argued.

Another agreed by saying, “You need therapy for you and your son to determine where this comes from and how to get him to understand that hurting other people is wrong.”

What advice do you have for the family? We want to know your thoughts in the comments.

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