Her Family Is Toxic, but She’s Struggling to Break Free

It can be tough having siblings, as this girl knows well. She’s in a terrible situation with a manipulative sister who is slowly tearing her family apart! She took to Reddit to confess her dislike for her sister and try to find some advice. Read on for more details.

Fed up With Her Family

The original poster (OP), a young woman of 18, is fed up with her family, particularly her sister, and mother. Her sister, who is 28, has always been envious, manipulative, and narcissistic. 

The OP has noticed how her sister always compares herself to everyone else and makes rude comments about the OP’s body because she is skinny while her sister is overweight.

She would never say something rude like that to her sister, as she would have a meltdown, so why does her sister feel she has the right to say that to the OP?

To make matters worse, the sister has a delusional view of herself, thinking she’s a Kardashian or wants to be like one.

She Believes Everything on TikTok

She spends her days watching TikTok videos and believing everything she sees there, even thinking that vegetables aren’t healthy because someone on TikTok said so.

She posts incessantly on social media, portraying her life and family as perfect when they’re far from it.

She’s ungrateful for gifts and always wants more, demanding expensive items like Mecca gift cards but then throwing fits when she receives them.

The OP and her siblings used to feel sorry for anyone who ended up with her sister as a partner, but now they’re not so sympathetic, especially after meeting the guy she’s currently with. 

She Met the Man of Her Dreams

At the age of 26, her sister finally met the “guy of her dreams,” who is the exact opposite of what she would typically go for. He smokes, vapes, drinks excessively, gambles, and swears frequently. 

Her sister got desperate for a baby and lost most of her weight to secure him, whom she had only known for two months before buying a puppy, moving in together, getting pregnant, and then getting engaged.

Her sister admitted to baby-trapping the guy so that he wouldn’t leave her. She put all her weight back on, argues with him all the time, and they don’t even have enough money to be financially stable because she refuses to work and expects the government to pay her because of her choice in pregnancy.

Meddling in Her Life

But the sister’s toxic behavior doesn’t stop at herself – she’s trying to meddle in the OP’s life as well.

She’s tried to convince the OP to break up with her perfectly good boyfriend, citing the long-distance relationship as the reason. 

However, she then had the audacity to ask the OP to put her life on hold to take care of her own kids, whom she claims are the OP’s responsibility! The OP was so shocked she didn’t know how to respond.

The OP’s sister is draining her parent’s money, and she has their mother wrapped around her finger.

Her mother would choose her sister over anyone and do anything to protect her and her behavior because she doesn’t want to lose access to her grandchildren.

Her Parents Bought Her Sister a 30K Car!

Her sister is always asking for money and forced their parents to buy her a 30k car along with many other things.

The OP’s mother’s attitude is causing a rift within the family. The OP has realized that in her mother’s eyes, it is worth losing her three other children over her daughter and grandchildren.

Her mother doesn’t treat her other children like a mom, and they are like strangers living in the same home because she’s too caught up in pleasing her oldest. 

The OP’s mother even admitted that her sister would be the reason for their divorce, as she had convinced their mother that their father was terrible.

Slating Her Father

The OP is quick to say that he is a great dad, but he disagreed with her sister too many times, so she tried to poison their mom against him!

The OP has reached her breaking point and plans on moving out as soon as possible and leaving her family behind. She can’t deal with her family’s toxicity anymore, and she needs to take care of herself.

She can’t continue to be around her sister’s behavior and her mother’s enabling. The OP needs to break away from her family and find a healthy environment where she can grow and flourish.

It’s heartbreaking to see the OP’s family falling apart because of her sister’s behavior and her mother’s enabling. The OP has tried to talk to her mother about it, but she won’t listen.

Lies and Manipulation

The OP’s sister has trapped her mother with her lies and manipulation. The OP can’t save her family, but she can save herself. She needs to leave and find a place to heal from the trauma her family has caused her.

Redditors were sympathetic to this girl’s plight.

One user said, “I feel bad for your dad. I get going NC with mom and sister, but your poor dad has been beaten into submission. I hope you find a way to maintain a relationship with him so he’s not left alone. And don’t ever feel bad for leaving toxic people. Just because they are blood doesn’t make them immune to being cancer to your life.”

What do you think about her story? Her sister sounds toxic, and it would be great if she could get out of that situation quickly.

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