Her Family Says They Will Disown Her if She Divorces Her Husband but She’s Unhappy in Her Marriage, What Should She Do?

A woman is considering ending her marriage due to personal issues and differences with her husband, but her family is threatening to disown her and her husband, who recently made changes to try and save the relationship.

They Married Due to Religious Pressures

This woman has been married for almost two years, and together for almost three with her husband. 

They got married quickly due to religious pressures and “love”. Although her husband is a great guy, she no longer wishes to continue the relationship due to personal issues, needs, and wants. 

There have been numerous smaller and larger issues throughout their relationship. 

She has always had a problem with how much he drinks, and has felt like she constantly has to tell him what to do regarding the house and his finances. 

He Put Her Down All the Time

He put her down and discouraged her from going to school, and rejected couples counseling when she asked for it. When she tried to talk to him, he was always too tired for a serious conversation.

A few months ago, she told her husband that she was done. 

Although he was completely blindsided and devastated, he made many changes that she had always wanted. 

Her heart wasn’t in it anymore, and she resented him at this point. She developed a friendship with another guy (with flirting) after telling her husband there wasn’t a chance and that she wanted out. 

He Got Angry

He found out and got angry, saying the distraction prevented her from giving their relationship a fair shot.

Now, her family is involved, and her mother has said she will disown her if she goes through with ending the relationship. 

Her sister, who they are renting a house from at a good price, has said she can’t live there anymore if she doesn’t try and fix the relationship. 

Her husband’s mother has sent her messages saying they’re crying and upset. 

Other People’s Happiness Trumps Hers

She feels like everyone else’s happiness trumps hers, and wonders why all the effort she put into the last year of the one-sided relationship doesn’t matter. 

But, now that her husband is trying, she should be so happy that he loves her so much. She doesn’t know what to do, and asked Redditors for advice.

One user wrote, “Let them cut you off. They don’t have to live your life, you do. Move out and your sister can house him if she wants to.”

Another said, “Given you mentioned religious pressures, it seems like your family is the judgmental religious type who thinks “no divorce no matter what”. It’s sad that they favor that over their own daughter, given that you are clearly in a bad marriage.”

What do you think? Is this something they could work through with counseling? Did this emotional affair ruin their marriage? What should she do?

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