Her Father Is Dead to Her. Without Any Discussion He Changed Her Payment Agreement and She Almost Lost Her Beloved Horse Because of His Greed

Pippa’s relationship with her father is dead. The catalyst? Horses and money. Let’s dive in.

She Grew up in a Privileged Family

Growing up in a privileged family, Pippa was aware of the opportunities afforded to her and was grateful for them.

However, her father, the primary breadwinner with a substantial income, often wielded control over the family’s finances to exert power over Pippa and her mother.

Despite the control dynamics, Pippa had been fortunate enough to receive her parents support and financial backing, especially when it came to her passion for horseback riding.

Her father had assisted her in financing her beloved horse, allowing her to use his line of credit for the purchase.

She Took Full Responsibility for the Cost of Her Horse

Pippa took on the responsibility of covering all monthly expenses associated with her equestrian pursuits, including boarding, training, lessons, and horse shows.

As part of their arrangement, she made biweekly loan payments of $385 to her father, as outlined in a legally binding contract they had both signed.

According to the agreement, Pippa covered the regular expenses, while her father took responsibility for major issues such as veterinary bills (although her horse had not required any).

Working full-time, Pippa earned approximately $1800 biweekly and meticulously budgeted her income to meet her financial obligations.

But Life Threw Her Some Curveballs

However, life has a way of throwing curveballs, and sometimes she found herself falling behind on bills due to the expensive nature of both horses and the cost of living in her area.

Nevertheless, Pippa did her best to recover from these setbacks, taking on additional jobs, reducing her horse boarding expenses by cleaning stalls herself, and occasionally working as an Instacart shopper on top of her regular nine-to-five job.

Then came the day when Pippa’s father called her to discuss their loan arrangement. He informed her that her biweekly payments would increase from $385 to $477 due to rising interest rates! 

This news took Pippa by surprise, as her father had not initially disclosed that the interest rate was variable rather than fixed.

His Payment Increase Would Put Increased Strain on Her

Moreover, the increased payment would strain her already tight budget, and her father was well aware of this.

In the ensuing conversation, Pippa expressed her inability to afford the additional $92. She explained that making such a payment would require cutting essential items from her budget, such as gas and food.

She also voiced her shock and concern over her father’s failure to disclose the variable interest rate from the beginning.

To Pippa’s dismay, her father erupted in anger.

He Resorted to Nasty Name-Calling

He resorted to name-calling and shouting and ultimately issued a threat: pay the outstanding balance immediately or face a lawsuit that would grant him the right to sell her horse from under her.

Pippa’s horse was her everything, the reason she worked and pursued her passions. The idea of losing her equine companion was devastating.

This outburst was not out of character for her father, who had frequently displayed a volatile temper throughout her upbringing. He was unaccustomed to being told “no” and exerted control through forceful tactics.

In that moment, Pippa’s love for her father shattered. She had never been treated with such disrespect and aggression by him or any other man in her life.

He Was Dead to Her

The way he spoke to her, screaming in her face, and his overall behavior was reprehensible.

Pippa refused to tolerate such toxic and emotionally abusive treatment from a parent. No child should endure such verbal and emotional abuse.

Determined to find a solution, Pippa decided to approach the bank as soon as possible to request a line of credit or loan to cover the outstanding balance she owed her father.

If successful, she planned to confront him, throwing the money in his face and demanding that he seek the professional help he so obviously needed.

His Previous Explosions Had Strained Their Relationship

Ultimately, she resolved to sever ties with her father, unable to condone his disrespectful behavior and threats. This incident was not the first of its kind; previous explosions had already strained their relationship.

After the intense confrontation, Pippa left the house in tears, visibly upset. Her mother, who had witnessed the entire exchange, approached her in an attempt to console her.

Pippa expressed her decision to cut ties with her father, declaring that he was dead to her.

Shortly after returning home, Pippa received a manipulative message from her father. He reiterated the increased loan payment of $477 and highlighted the contractual obligations, expenses, and expenditures she was liable for.

She’d Reached Breaking Point

He expected her to set up automatic withdrawals for the requested amount, hoping to underwrite the balance during the initial high-interest period.

While acknowledging his own role in the unproductive direction of their conversation, he maintained that she needed to pay the loan. This message further fueled Pippa’s anger and resentment toward her father.

Today, Pippa mourns the loss of her relationship with her father.

She has reached her breaking point and can no longer tolerate the toxic environment he creates. Lessons have been learned the hard way – mixing finances and family can lead to irreparable damage.

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