Her Friend Wants Her to Sell Sex Toys, Yet She Lives in a Conservative Community. What Do You Think?

A young lady from a conservative country recently asked for advice on Reddit regarding a business relationship that could put her in a bad situation. Here is the full story.

They Started a Grocery Delivery Business

The OP is a 26-year-old woman who helped her friend start a business delivering groceries and other items to university students at night.

Not only did the OP put up 80% of the start-up money, but she also managed the business for the first six months. She even delivered groceries all that time.

The OP doesn’t expect any big payout from her work. It was all done out of friendship, and she was happy to help.

Now that the business is up and going, the friend wants to make it grow. She’s looking into other streams of revenue and thinks she’s found a winner.

She Wants to Sell Sex-Related Toys

The friend wants to start selling items that are hard to come by in her city. Things mostly related to sex, like condoms and various toys.

The problem is that the OP’s city is very conservative, and she’s afraid that someone she knows will trace the new line of merchandise back to her. That would bring shame down on her family.

Even worse for the OP, she’s afraid that other families might hold it against her when it comes time to get married. 

Arranged marriages are still the norm in the OP’s country, and her parents are just starting to look for proposals for their daughter.

It Could Cause a Lot of Trouble

If any prospective husbands find out about her connection to the sex items, that could cause a lot of trouble.

The OP lives in a rural community, and she says that she would even have trouble getting a job or renting a house if word got out that the business was selling this type of merchandise.

Because of all those fears, the OP told her friend that she didn’t want her to sell sex-related items. Of course, the friend didn’t like that idea at all, and she asked the OP to reconsider.

Because of the way she structured the initial contract with her friend, the OP has the legal right to take her money back.

It’s a Small Conservative Community

She has considered doing just that, but her initial investment still accounts for half the company’s capital. As the business grows, she stands to make more money in the long run.

Even more than that, though, pulling her money would sink the business and devastate her friend. And it would likely end their friendship completely.

And besides, some people in the community already know that the OP helped get the business off the ground. There’s no way she can avoid being associated with the company completely.

After an initial plea for advice on Reddit, the OP met with her friend again and made it clear that she had to be extremely discreet in handling the new merchandise. And she had to keep the OP’s name out of it completely.

Uncertain About What’s Going to Happen

The OP also told her friend that she wouldn’t be giving her any more help with the business, either money or work. She can’t take the risk.

At this point, the OP feels pretty uncertain about what’s going to happen. Her friend is trying to expand her business, and she seems set on using sex-related items to do that.

But the OP is nervous someone will connect the new merchandise to her even though she’s no longer involved with the business. Her money is still involved, though, and she knows that could spell trouble down the road.

Commenters on Reddit seem to be torn.

Bring Shame to the Girl’s Family

On the one hand, there is a lot of support for the OP in terms of doing what she wants with her money and living how she feels is best.

But on the other, plenty of Redditors have a problem with the idea that selling condoms and other sex-related items could in any way bring shame to the girl’s family.

What Do You Think?

So what do you think of this story? 

Do you think the OP should have pulled her money from the business? Or should she just ride it out?

And what about the friend? Is she being selfish by putting her friend’s reputation in jeopardy?

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