Her Friend’s Fiancé and Groomzilla Behaved Badly, so She Took Matters Into Her Own Hands

Weddings should be a fun and joyous affair, but oftentimes that isn’t how it turns out. Sometimes weddings can quickly become nightmares for both the guests and the bride and groom! This particular story is from the perspective of the maid of honor, who has had enough of being treated like dirt and has taken matters into her own hands! This is her story.

Always There

The OP (original poster) has always been a reliable friend.

The one who would always be there when needed, the one who would go above and beyond for those she cared about. And K was one of those people.

They had been friends for a while now, and when K got engaged, the OP was ecstatic for her.

K and R had been living together for a while now. K had been married once before and had children with her ex-husband. Neither of them had a job, and they were living off the government’s support.

She Had Reservations

They had children with other people who were either grown or teenagers. And while the OP had some reservations about their lifestyle, she was still happy for K.

After the holiday season in 2022, K started planning her wedding. She was excited and eager to start the process. And the OP was happy to help. K had a lot of questions, and the OP did her best to answer them all.

But soon enough, the questions became overwhelming. The OP found herself essentially planning the wedding herself.

Ever the diligent friend, she managed to secure a minister and a church for the ceremony for free, as K and R had no money. What a woman!

No Friends or Family

The OP knew that she would be starting school in a couple of months, and she made sure to let K know. She was going to be busy with classes and assignments, but she still wanted to help.

In a good-faith effort to be nice to the couple, the OP planned a small bridal shower. K had no friends or family to invite, so the OP invited hers.

She had everything planned, and about 15 people were coming to the shower. K only knew a couple of them, but they were acquaintances.

The OP even planned her homework schedule around the shower, making sure to submit her assignments early so that she could be there for K.

Wedding Cake Funds

But then K decided she needed a wedding cake and a reception, none of which they could afford.

R was receiving food stamps, and K couldn’t eat anyway. The OP agreed to be K’s matron of honor and had a new dress for the occasion.

But then, a week later, everything fell apart. The Pastor and R got together and decided to change the time of the wedding ceremony. The OP couldn’t make it to the new time, and K started bawling.

That’s when Groomzilla R stepped in. He started criticizing the OP, calling her names, and making it all about “their day.” The OP couldn’t take it anymore and stopped responding.

Groomzilla Revenge

The OP was so frustrated and fed up with the situation she decided to take some petty revenge on Groomzilla and K.

She was upset that he was being so rude to her after all she had done, so in retaliation, she told him the bridal shower was canceled, and she took down their registry!

But that wasn’t the end of it. The Pastor’s wife, Kathy, decided to step in and offer to throw the bridal shower instead. It was going to be on the same day, at the same time.

But now, she had to spend an additional three hours driving back and forth to pick up and drop off the bride!

Smug Satisfaction

The OP couldn’t help but feel a hint of smug satisfaction as she imagined the effort the Pastor’s wife was going to have to go to. She had put in so much effort, only to have it all thrown back in her face by a lazy groom!

The entire situation was a nightmare for the OP. She had tried to be a good friend and help out as much as possible, but it seemed like K and R were not willing to put in any effort.

They were entitled and lazy, and they expected everyone else to do everything for them. The OP was frustrated and hurt by the way they had treated her, and she couldn’t help but feel like they had taken advantage of her.

At least she managed to get some form of revenge, petty as it was!

A Zero Dollar Wedding

Redditors enjoyed her story. One user said, “Why is she bothering with a shower if she doesn’t have any friends or family (who can attend?).

Why plan a wedding with zero dollars in the bank? Or God forbid the lazy groom try to get a job to pay for things? Or just have a ceremony and nothing else? Or wait until they can afford it?? SMH”

What do you think of this tale of petty revenge? Was deleting the registry too far?

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