Her Heartfelt Gesture To Spread Joy Backfires: Vegan Customer’s Scathing Email Over a Free Lolly Leaves Her in Tears!

A shop owner’s tearful confession on TikTok has captured viewers’ hearts as one vegan customer sent a shocking email simply because she received a non-vegan lolly as a gesture of goodwill with her order.

She Received a Brutal Complaint

Carissa Collins, the owner of TLC Body, a small beauty business, poured out her emotions in a viral TikTok video after receiving a brutal complaint from a customer.

Collins, visibly shaken, took to TikTok to share her painful ordeal.

As a goodwill gesture, she included a lollipop with the customer’s order.

One customer, claiming to be vegan, responded with an astonishingly angry email.

“What Do You Think You Are Gaining by Sending Someone a Bit of Sugary Junk?”

“The way this email was worded, it was almost as if I’d stabbed them or something,” Collins tearfully tells the audience.

She then shows a snapshot of the shocking message she received, which read: “So once again, I’m in a position where I will not be buying from you again because I no longer trust your word.”

The customer continued with, “What do you think you are gaining by sending someone a bit of sugary junk?”

“I’d rather pay less for my product than get something I never asked for or wanted,” They continued.

She Was Merely Trying To Spread Joy

Adding insult to injury, they coldly stated, “I don’t even know what to say. Please put more thought into things like this in the future. I won’t be buying from you again.”

Collins, visibly distraught, turned to her viewers in disbelief, and with tears in her eyes, she asked, “When did it become okay to speak to people like this?”

She passionately defended her actions, explaining that she was merely trying to spread joy by including free gifts with orders.

“If you don’t like a lolly, don’t eat it,” She emotionally suggested.

“That Person Must Have a Really Sad Life To Lash Out Like That”

Her emotional TikTok struck a chord with users, gaining 530,000 views and an outpouring of support.

TikTok users expressed outrage over the customer’s ridiculous tirade. They showered Collins with words of encouragement, “You did nothing wrong, she clearly has issues and it’s not a reflection of you. I personally love when I get lollies in any order. You got this!”

Another empathized, “That person must have a really sad life to lash out like that.”

“She’s Giving Vegans a Bad Name”

Supporters assured her that she had done nothing wrong, “You should write back and tell her that you will not be accepting any more orders from her as she is now banned! You have done nothing wrong xx.”

Even other vegans rallied in support, “Okay… as a vegan… I’m offended by her email. It’s such a lovely thought, and I would have appreciated it either way. She’s giving vegans a bad name.”

Should the shop owner admit to her mistake, or was the customer overreacting? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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