Her Homophobic Work Colleague Was Too Much – So She Told the Rest of the Team She’d Slept With His Mom…

A fed-up lesbian stirred up laughs and kudos on Reddit when she put a homophobic work bully in his place. The dude is going to have to have a serious talk with his mom! Here is the full story.

She’s Open About Her Sexuality

OP is a lesbian who works in a male-dominated company. She is open about her sexuality, and pretty much everyone on the job knows she’s gay.

OP also says that she fits most of the lesbian stereotypes. She works in a manual trade, lifts weights, hunts and camps, and likes to work on cars. She also has very short hair and fingernails.

OP’s point in detailing her physical characteristics is to make it clear that she does not try to hide the fact that she’s a lesbian.

OP feels like she has to be tough and open about her sexuality because her management wont’ do anything to stop harassment. And her company has no HR at all.

And Her Team Has Her Back

Luckily, OP works with a solid team who have her back and don’t give her any flak about her sexuality. If anything, she says, her day-to-day coworkers help her keep management in line.

But there are a couple of exceptions, and OP still runs into trouble now and then.

Recently, one OP’s coworkers approached her and said he had heard she was gay. Only he used a hateful slur.

Rather than get into a fight, OP decided to have some fun with her bigoted colleague. So she went into a fake rage.

She Said She’d Had a Fling With Her Bully’s Mom!

First, OP told the man that she was 100% straight and married to a wonderful man. Then she told him that she was a Christian, implying that she didn’t believe in homosexuality.

The guy started to backtrack, but OP kept at it. She wanted to know who had told him that she was a lesbian.

The coworker hesitated just briefly and then gave up the name. It didn’t surprise OP since she’d had similar run-ins with the named man in the past.

But OP kept her joke going and said that just because she had slept with the other man’s mom one time, that didn’t mean she was a lesbian.

They Unleashed the “Your Mom” Joke

The other men in the shop had started paying attention, and they were all pretty amused by OP’s gag. When she unleashed the “your mom” joke, many of them burst out laughing.

That’s when the homophobic coworker finally got the idea, and he asked OP if she was punking him. She smiled and told him he should have caught on years ago when she started sneaking into his mom’s house at night.

The bully stormed off, mad at being humiliated, but the rest of OP’s coworkers got a kick out of the final punchline.

In the aftermath, OP was happy she stood up to her bully, but she also feels bad for making misogynist jokes of her own. She also feels a tiny bit guilty for pushing her prank so far.

What a Cracking Response to Her Homophobic Colleague!

Reddit commenters, though, overwhelmingly support OP and her response to the homophobic guy.

Most of them say he had it coming, and probably a lot more.

Many think that OP is a hero, or at least super funny, with some mentioning they think they’d get along well with her in real life.

Several pointed out how sad and frustrating it is that anyone has to deal with attitudes and situations like this in the 2020s.

Some think OP should try to get management to act, even though she mentioned that they are ineffective and that her company does not have an HR staff.

So, what do you think of this story?

Did OP push her joke too far and totally humiliate her bully?

Or was she justified in calling him out?

And how do you think she should handle the aftermath of the situation?

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