Her Husband Cheated and Then Accused Her of Deceiving Him for Ten Years – Her Story Is a Tragedy

This tragic tale of family drama comes to us from Reddit. A woman took to Reddit to vent about her husband and the trauma he’s caused her over the last ten years.

He Cheated

Our fearless protagonist has made the decision to leave her husband the day after their youngest child moved out. The reason? He cheated on her ten years ago when their youngest daughter was just nine years old.

On the day of the incident, she received a call from the school saying that their youngest child was sick and needed to go home.

When she arrived home, she could hear her husband and the other woman in their bedroom.

The original poster (OP) panicked and made loud noises to let them know that they were not alone and that their daughter was with her.

The First Year Was Tough

The first year after the incident was the hardest for her. She felt insignificant and inadequate, ugly and undesirable. But they started therapy, and her husband promised to do anything to make it work again.

They moved apartments and bought new furniture, and the OP started a new habit of changing the sheets every night before bed – born out of her insecurities about her husband’s fidelity.

Despite all their efforts, the OP realized one morning that she was no longer in love with her husband.

After this realization, everything seemed easier moving forward. She saw him as a roommate and a great support raising the children, a good friend. They loved their children, and they wanted the best for them.

They Stayed Together

For the next ten years, they hardly ever fought and raised three beautiful, happy, and successful young people.

When the OP realized that she didn’t love him anymore, she also stopped caring if he cheated again. It was one of her nightmares in the beginning, but she didn’t care anymore as long as she slept in clean sheets every night.

They still slept together, but it started again two or three years later, and they used protection because she wouldn’t let him touch her without it.

It went from two or three times a week to two or three times a year. In her mind, if he cheated when they were very intimate and active, he was probably cheating now. It bothered her less and less over the years.

She No Longer Said ‘I Love You’

She never said “I love you” to him again, something they used to say often before. He continued saying it and always told her that he would wait for her to say it.

Around Christmas, their youngest daughter, who is now 19, got her first contract for her own apartment. That’s when the OP knew that she was free – at the age of 49.

She also set in motion her plans of moving out and getting a divorce. She found herself an apartment, too, and thought her husband could live in their apartment until they settled everything up.

When she told him and handed him the divorce papers, he was in shock, and when she moved out the day after her daughter, on April 2, he was even more shocked and distraught.

He Thinks She Deceived Him

Now he is telling her that she had deceived him all these years, acting like she was fine when she wasn’t, while he lived in regret every day for how he hurt her. According to him, the OP is cold and calculated, and vindictive.

She doesn’t recognize any of these accusations. She doesn’t see things that way. She saw it as her (and him, of course) doing the best with what she was dealt with to make a happy and content life for their children, their whole family, and she thinks that she succeeded.

What more could anyone ask of her?

Her story shows that it’s never too late to start over. Even after 20 years of marriage, the OP was brave enough to leave and find a new life for herself.

It Took Courage to Walk Away

It takes courage to walk away from a relationship, especially when there are children involved, but sometimes it’s the best thing to do for everyone.

The OP didn’t need to leave to find happiness sooner. She was happy and lucky to have her children and her home. She didn’t need more, but now she sees no reason or happiness in staying.

She didn’t leave to get back at her husband or seek revenge; she left because she was out of love with him.

Her children know that she left, but they don’t know the details, and she plans on keeping it that way. They don’t need to know anything.

He Was Cheating On You in Your Own Home

She doesn’t change her bedding every night now. She has no need to.

Reddit users empathized with this woman’s tale. One user said, “Your husband has some audacity blaming you for deceiving him. He was cheating on you in your own home. He was living in guilt because of his own actions. If this was me, I wouldn’t care about what he says about this, I wouldn’t really even bother giving an explanation.”

What do you think of this woman’s tale? Leaving someone is never easy, but ultimately it’s for the best.

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