Her Husband Denies Her Gym Membership, Yet He Lives in the House She Paid For! Is He in the Wrong?

A young father brought the wrath of Reddit down on himself after he told his wife he didn’t want to pay for her gym membership. Can you guess who pays for the roof over his head? Here is the whole story.

Her Grandmother Died After the Birth of Their Daughter

OP is married, and he and his wife have a young daughter. Before the baby was born, OP and his wife both worked full time.

OP’s wife has a mild disability and also had mental health challenges after the baby came. But because money was tight, she had to return to work after three months of maternity leave.

Not too long after OP’s wife returned to work, her grandmother died. The older woman had helped raise the young woman, and the two were very close.

So it wasn’t a massive surprise that the grandma left something for OP’s wife. What was a surprise was that she left everything to the young woman.

And Left Her a Handsome Inheritance

The inheritance was big enough for OP and his wife to pay cash for a house and new cars for each of them.

OP and his wife could also sock away a nice chunk of money for their retirement.

Armed with financial freedom for the first time, OP’s wife quit her job and became a full-time mom. She had wanted to do it since their daughter was born, but they couldn’t afford it before.

And in OP’s opinion, they still really can’t afford for his wife not to work. They just barely get by on his income.

She Wants To Go to the Gym…

OP would also love to be a stay-at-home dad, and he doesn’t think it’s fair that his wife quit her job.

Now OP’s wife wants more from him. She sat him down recently to work out a budget to ensure they could live on his income.

Part of what OP’s wife wanted to budget for was a gym membership for her and a little money to support her hobbies, like sewing.

But OP told his wife that if he has to work, he shouldn’t have to spend his money on recreational items for her. He should be able to spend it how he wants since he’s paying the bills.

… He Has One Afterall!

OP’s wife countered that it’s not fair for him to have a gym membership if she can’t have one.

And besides, she said, her inheritance is worth more than a lifetime of her working and pitching in to help OP with the bills. She thinks she’s paying more than her fair share by using her grandmother’s money on the family.

In essence, OP’s wife says she’s already sharing her money with him, and he should do the same for her.

But OP doesn’t see it that way and says his wife is only using her inheritance to cover essentials, like their housing. He’s doing the same by paying the bills.

He Suggested She Go to a Thrift Store to Spruce up Her Wardrobe

If his wife wants to spend money on hobbies or buy clothes, OP thinks she should get a job or start an online business.

OP suggested that his wife could buy clothes at the local thrift store if she wants to change up her wardrobe.

… But Who Paid for the House and the Cars?

Redditors came down pretty hard on OP and said that he’s being totally selfish. His wife has already contributed everything to the family, like she said, and he should do the same.

Many point out that OP wouldn’t even have a roof over his head if it weren’t for his wife. They think that letting her buy the things she wants is the least he can do as her partner.

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