Her Husband Develops Feelings for Another Woman While She’s Home with Their Newborn – Can She Save Her Marriage?

The woman wonders if there’s a chance to win her husband back after discovering he had developed feelings for someone else during their in-home separation.

A Complex and Emotionally Charged Situation

The situation at hand is complex and emotionally charged. It involves a family with three children, one of which is an infant, and the decision the couple made to separate while the mother was still pregnant. 

After the baby was born, she began to have second thoughts about the separation, while the father secretly talked to another woman and developed feelings for her.

It wasn’t until recently that the mother discovered the father’s emotional affair, which was entirely text-based until that point. 

She had wondered why he had asked about the next steps for their separation, when they agreed not to talk about it until the baby reached a certain age, which had not yet occurred.

She Confronted His Infidelity

When confronted about his infidelity, the father claimed he didn’t want to hurt the woman by telling her. He also stated he had no idea that she had second thoughts, despite her telling him multiple times about it. 

The woman is skeptical of this claim, believing that if it were true, he would not have thought telling her about his affair would hurt her in the first place.

This revelation blindsides her, because she had hoped to work on fixing their relationship, especially for the sake of their children. 

The father has made no plans to see the other woman, who lives over an hour away, leading the woman to question the sincerity of his feelings for her.

Mistaking It for Love

It’s possible the father is simply caught up in the excitement of a new relationship and mistaking it for love.

The other woman is also going through a divorce and has a child, which could be a factor in her reluctance to move as fast as the father wants. 

The father had recently talked about moving out, but then changed his mind, citing the baby’s young age as the reason.

The woman believes the father only changed his mind after she found out about the affair, and that his plan was to move out without telling her about the other woman.

Can She Win Him Back?

The woman wonders if there is any chance of winning the father back, but she needs to be in close proximity to him. 

Despite the separation, they are still acting like a family and not telling their children about the impending divorce.

However, the father has set boundaries regarding conversations about intimacy, and they have not engaged in any such activity even before the woman found out about the affair.

She Feels Torn

The financial aspect of the separation is also a concern for the couple. The father could potentially move in with the other woman to save money. 

The mother feels torn between her desire to fix the relationship and the reality of the situation, but she remains hopeful that they can work things out.

The Relationship Is Over

One Redditor said, “Don’t spend your energy and time chasing someone who’s no longer excited about being with you. It’s not good for you, and none of this is good for your kids.”

Another bluntly put, “You separated. The separation worked, in that it allowed you to see the relationship is over. The relationship is over.”

What do you think? Is this something the couple should work through? Is the relationship fighting for? What would you do?

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