Her Husband Forbids Her From Attending Her Lover’s Funeral

An angry husband divided Reddit when he revealed that he forbade his wife from attending her affair partner’s funeral. The incident opened old wounds and has him pondering the future of his marriage. Here is his full story.

They’ve Been Happily Married for 15 Years

OP has been married to his wife for 15 years, and most of them have been very happy.

OP is in the military, and he was stationed away from his hometown during the couple’s second year of marriage. His wife and young daughter lived with him.

But as the daughter’s birthday approached, OP’s wife took the child back home for a birthday party with her family. 

One of the guests at the party was a guy OP’s wife had known casually growing up. The wife’s grandmother invited him because she was friends with his grandmother.

She Had a Fling, but Fessed Up

Later that same week, OP’s wife ended up seeing the guy again, and they had sex. Then, when she got home, she told OP about it right away.

It was the worst moment of OP’s life, and he just couldn’t shake the image of his wife with another man. The only reason he even considered staying with her was because she was so upfront about the affair.

And because OP could hardly stand the thought of tearing up his little girl’s world and having to split custody.

So OP and his wife went to counseling, and she promised she would do her best to make it up to him. And now, OP is beyond glad they stayed together because he says she has been the best partner he could imagine.

She Wanted To Go to the Man’s Funeral To Pay Her Respects

But recently, OP’s mother-in-law called her daughter to tell her that her former affair partner had been killed in a workplace accident. OP’s wife told him that she wanted to go home for the funeral.

OP was shocked by his wife’s statement, and all those old feelings of betrayal came flooding back. He felt like she was cheating on him all over again.

When OP asked his wife why she wanted to go to the funeral of a guy she hadn’t seen in over a decade, she said it was the right thing to do. She just wanted to pay her respects to his family.

OP told his wife that even her considering going to the funeral really hurt him, but she didn’t see what the big deal was. The guy was dead and not a threat to her husband, after all.

He Told His Wife She Could Not Go to the Funeral

The couple argued about it for a while until OP finally told his wife that she could not go to the funeral. He felt like he had to put his foot down to protect his feelings and his family.

After the fight, OP and his wife spent days not talking to each other much, and OP is worried about the future.

In a follow-up, OP reported that he and his wife were going back to counseling to try and work through the issue. He thinks he might leave if she insists on going to the funeral, though.

Reddit commenters are torn about this situation.

Is He Controlling or Overwhelmed With Emotion?

Many of them think OP is justified for not wanting his wife to go to the funeral, even if some of them disagree with his hard approach.

Others can see both points of view here since OP’s wife knew the dead guy as a child.

Still others think OP is way out of line and being controlling. They say the decision about whether to go to the funeral or not should be his wife’s alone.

So, what do you think about this story?

Does OP have any right to tell his wife not to go to the funeral?

Or is she wrong for stirring up all the old hard feelings between them?

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