Her Husband Never Wants to Work Again and She’s Pregnant! Should He Quit His Job That’s Causing Anxiety?

An expectant mother recently asked Reddit for opinions about her situation with her husband. She’s pregnant, but he wants to quit his job. She said no way. Here is the full story.

They Both Have High Paying Jobs

The OP and her husband both have high-paying jobs that are very demanding. They’re also expecting their first child in a few months.

Not long into her pregnancy, the OP’s husband came to her and said he was miserable at work. He wanted to quit and leave the profession behind.

The OP tried to reason with him and told him to stick it out until the baby was born. That way, he could get paid parental leave, and then they could decide what to do afterwards.

She also made the point that it wasn’t fair for him to quit while she kept working and carried the baby.

She’s Pregnant, He’s Having Panic Attacks

But he kept pushing, and his anxiety ramped up every time they talked about it. Finally, he told her he just wanted to quit immediately. 

He was having panic attacks and dreaded everything about work. He couldn’t take it any more.

The OP was willing to compromise and told her husband that she was OK with him quitting and being out of work for a little while. But he had to have a plan. That’s when he dropped the real bombshell.

He told her that he never wants to work again. And she wasn’t OK with that at all.

He Wants to Quit Work Forever

They were just in their early 30s, and they had a long life ahead of them. She couldn’t imagine being married for decades to someone who never worked.

But she told him that, in the end, it’s his life. He had to do what makes him happy, even if that was quitting and never working again.

If he did that, though, she would leave him.

No surprise, the OP’s husband was hurt by her reaction. He was angry and said that she only wanted to be with him for the money he could make.

She Could Probably Support Them

She assured him that wasn’t true and reminded him that they already kept their finances separate.

She also agreed when he said that she could probably support them on her salary alone. But she didn’t want a spouse with no ambition.

She even brought up a couple of options that might help him get through the rough time he was having at work. And one that would even let him quit forever.

First, she suggested that he could take medical leave to deal with the anxiety he was having about his job. But he didn’t think that would help and flat-out refused to even consider it.

He Could Be the Homemaker

Next, she brought up the idea that he could be a full-time homemaker once their child was born. It wasn’t what she had in mind when she married him, but it might get them over the hump.

He said he’d consider doing that, but the OP wasn’t sure how well that would work out.

He was always telling her that her standards were too high when it came to keeping the house clean. And she had to admit that he never really did take care of chores the way she wanted him to.

Reddit commenters seem to be split on this one.

They Understand Her Concerns

Most of the comments show support for the OP, and almost everyone seems to understand her concerns about her husband quitting his job, especially while she’s pregnant.

But several Redditors point out that the husband might truly be experiencing burnout and need a break. At the very least, they suggest he should talk to a doctor or counselor. 

Of course, that’s probably a tough sell since he rejected the idea of a medical leave.

What Do You Think?

So what’s your take on this story? Do you think the OP is right for trying to keep her husband on the clock while she’s pregnant?

And what about her plans to leave if he never works again?

What do you think is the right path forward for this family?

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