Her In-Laws Were Trying to Hijack Their Child’s Baptism Celebrations at Her Cost. What Do You Think?

Family events can be joyous occasions for celebrating important milestones. However, when in-laws and extended family members attempt to piggyback on these events without consideration, tensions can arise. In a recent Reddit post, a mother shares her frustration about her in-laws proposing to combine their newborn’s baptism with their other grandchild’s baptism.

She Was Happily Planning Her Newborn’s Baptism

The Original Poster (OP) has a newborn and she is planning to have a baptism coming up in the next month or two.

OP’s brother-in-law has a 3-year-old who hasn’t been baptized yet. So the problem began when her husband’s parents said that they wanted to baptize the 3-year-old on the same day as OP’s child.

OP was not happy with this decision and she questioned her husband why they need to pay for the brother-in-law’s baptism and host his kid also while the brother-in-law had three years to baptize his child.

OP’s husband supported his parent’s decision and told OP to try to do it together.

But the In-Laws Wanted to Baptize Their Child Too!

Plus, they asked OP to include the 3-year-old’s name on the invitation as well.

OP mentions that they are covering the cost of both the baptism and the after-party food and beverages and none of her in-laws brought the subject of splitting the costs.

OP says her husband’s parents were constantly testing the limits.

For example, they insisted that this child attend OP’s child-free wedding when he was a year old a few years ago so they could use the occasion to introduce him to all the families who haven’t met him because they didn’t take the initiative the entire year.

They Were Always Jumping on the Bandwagon

They created a big scene when OP told “no children” anywhere. But OP’s brother-in-law arrived in the middle of the church, sat down, and left without showing up for the reception costing OP $150 for each seat.

Plus, even though they RSVP’d yes, they never showed up for OP’s baby shower or gender reveal.

This brother, his wife, and their son never attend any family gatherings like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter unless they can negotiate a concession from OP’s husband’s parents.

The brother also has in the past neglected to pay rent and damaged the rental properties of other family members.

And She Was Not Happy

As a result, OP gave a firm no to her in-laws but her husband was not happy.

She took to Reddit to ask whether she was in the wrong for what she did and several Redditors said that OP was not wrong.

One Reddit user, “Tell them they’re welcome to host their own baptism any time they like – this one is for your kid. Your husband is a problem if he keeps trying to appease his family and capitulate. The pair of you needs to be on the same page, be a united front, to shut down all this nonsense.”

“Keep That Foot Down!”

Another Redditor commented, “These people sound like the worst and if you don’t set and hold the boundary now, they are just going to take more liberties and be more entitled. Be strong.”

A third Reddit user said that “I would only consider it if they were paying their fair share but regardless it is extremely rude to suggest such a thing. Sounds like he gets away from being entitled far too much as it is. Keep that foot down.”

So what do you think? What would you do if you were in OP’s situation?

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