Her Jealous Boss Made Her Pay for Her Own Farewell Lunch Because She Was “So Successful Now”

Woman’s TikTok video goes viral as she reveals her boss made her pay for her own farewell lunch, citing her success as the reason.

She Took the Brave Step to Work for Herself

Leaving a job to pursue new opportunities can be a significant life decision. It’s a time of transition, bidding farewell to familiar colleagues and workplace perks.

However, not everyone reacts positively to such changes, as demonstrated in a viral TikTok video.

The video features a woman named Lauren, who decided to leave her previous job and pursue a career as a freelance professional.

In the TikTok video, Lauren recounts her experience of informing her supervisor about her departure and the surprising response she received.

And Her Supervisor Invited Her to a Farewell Lunch

According to Lauren, after giving notice, her supervisor invited her to a farewell lunch.

During the meal, things took an unexpected turn. When the bill arrived, Lauren’s supervisor pushed it toward her and made a remark that left her stunned. 

He said, “Why don’t you get this since you’re so successful now?” This comment implied that Lauren should pay for the meal herself due to her newfound success, despite the fact that her supervisor earned more than her.

In the video caption, Lauren wrote, “Remembering the time my supervisor asked me to have a 1:1 farewell lunch when I gave notice to try pursuing my dream of freelancing full time, and when the bill arrived, he pushed it toward me and said, ‘Why don’t you get this since you’re so successful now?'” 

But Had the Audacity to Make Her Pay

When questioned in the comments section about whether she ended up paying for the meal, Lauren responded, “I was young and lacked confidence to stand up for myself. It was so shocking that I didn’t know what else to do.”

Expressing her discontent further, Lauren replied to another comment, describing the incident as messed up especially considering that her supervisor was making twice as much as she was at the time.

One commenter suggested a course of action, saying, “I would have brought the receipt to their supervisor and asked how to go about being reimbursed from petty cash.”

Despite the unpleasant experience, Lauren’s decision to leave her job and pursue freelancing has proven to be the right one.

Always Pursue Your Dreams

In the comments, she revealed that she has been successfully working for herself for over eight years now, describing it as the best decision she ever made.

This viral TikTok video sheds light on an unfortunate encounter experienced by an individual taking a brave step toward their professional aspirations.

It serves as a reminder that not everyone may support or understand one’s career choices, but ultimately, pursuing personal dreams and finding success can be incredibly rewarding.

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