Her Misogynist Midwife Sister Shared a Disturbing Confession; She Drugged a Teenager for Peace and Quiet!

A young woman whipped Redditors into a frenzy when she called her sister a misogynist and told her to find a different job. Then, she took things a step further, and all hell broke loose. Here is the full story.

Her Sister Was Was So Rude About Her Patients

OP is a 26-year-old woman whose 29-year-old sister is a nurse. The older sibling has been working in labor and delivery for the past few years.

OP says her sister always wanted to be a nurse and even considers it her calling. But recently, she has been saying horrible things about the women patients she works with daily.

One glaring example was when the sister told OP about a “whale” who had given birth one day at her hospital. She said the woman was hideous but that her husband was super attractive.

OP’s sister just couldn’t understand how such an awful woman could land a man like that. She even made fun of the sounds the woman made during labor.

She Gave a Teenager Extra Pain Medication

And then there was the time OP’s sister related some very personal information about things that happened to one woman while giving birth.

The sister figured the woman’s husband would leave her after the “nasty” indecent he witnessed in the delivery room.

OP’s sister also told her about how she gave a teenage mother some “sound advice” about not getting pregnant again.

She also admitted to giving the girl extra pain medication just to make her be quiet.

And Told a Mother She Should Have Done a Better Job With Her Pregnancy – Stupid Mothers!

But the last straw came for OP when her sister told her about a mother who went into labor early, at 29 weeks.

The nurse told the woman that she should have done a better job with her pregnancy if she didn’t want to have a premature birth on her hands.

OP couldn’t believe her ears and laid into her sister, telling her she had no right to talk to other women like that. Especially not when they were so vulnerable and needed her help.

But OP’s sister wouldn’t back down and said she had the right to gripe about “stupid mothers.” She also said that OP had no clue what she was talking about since she didn’t work in healthcare.

Was She Right for Calling Out Her Sister?

The argument ended when OP told her sister she should find another job if the only way she could handle stress was to be a misogynist.

Of course, word about the blow-up went to other members of OP’s family, who were divided.

Some thought OP was right for calling out her sister, but others thought she should mind her own business.

None of them knew at the time that OP was 11 weeks pregnant. Hearing how her sister talked about labor and delivery patients made her very anxious about giving birth.

She Anonymously Complained About Her Sister’s Behavior

After talking about it at home, OP and her husband decided to report her sister’s behavior and comments to the hospital where she worked.

The hospital asked OP to complete an official complaint online, which she did.

Several days later, there was a loud bang on OP’s door. When she opened it, her sister barged in, furious and screaming.

She’s Not Sure They Will Ever Speak Again. What Do You Think?

OP’s sister said she was fired from her job because of anonymous reports. But she knew it was OP, she said, because the younger woman couldn’t stay out of her business.

The argument escalated, with both women yelling, and OP’s husband had to stand between them so it wouldn’t become physical.

In the heat of the argument, OP’s sister let it slip that the teenager who she had cut down in the hospital room had actually lost her baby during delivery.

That was the final blow for OP, who told her sister to get out of her house. She’s not sure now when she’ll ever talk to her sister again.

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