Her Mission Was Accomplished from Nice to Naughty, She Ensured Her Guests Got Their Comeuppance and a Dose of Sticky Grossness

This story of petty revenge comes to us from Reddit, and it goes to show that you can’t escape karma. Let’s dive in.

Theatre Hostess with the Mostest

Years ago, Kerry found herself donning the role of a waitress in a movie theater that offered a unique twist – food service right at your seat. It was a crazy concept.

To set the stage, this theater’s women’s bathroom was next to Theater 13.

A sign marked the distinction between the bathroom and the theater entrance, and there were rarely any mix-ups because people could easily tell them apart. 

However, trouble brewed when it came to distinguishing between Theater 12 and 13.

She Greeted Them Warmly

The sign for Theater 12 was positioned between the doors of both theaters, causing confusion among patrons trying to discern the intended target.

One fateful evening, as Kerry went about her duties, she encountered a group of customers approaching her station.

Being the friendly and helpful person she was, she greeted them warmly as they were looking for Theater 13.

Kerry, well aware of the theater’s layout, pointed them in the direction of the door labeled Theater 13, assuming her guidance would be appreciated. But oh, how wrong she was!

Instead of Gratitude, She Got Anger

Instead of gratitude, the customers reacted with anger, accusing Kerry of deceit and claiming they knew the theater better than she did!

Their rudeness astounded her. Suppressing a smirk, Kerry shot back with a hint of sarcasm, “Oh, I’m sorry. I had no idea you were such experts on this place. My mistake!”

Amused by their arrogance, Kerry retreated to a corner where her coworkers were engrossed in paperwork.

With a mischievous glint in her eye, she observed the confused customers as they navigated the theater’s corridors, lost and bewildered.

So She Embraced Her Evil Side!

They wandered into Theater 12, only to realize their error when they discovered it was playing a different movie.

Undeterred, they continued their search, checking out Theaters 1 and 2 in a desperate attempt to find their desired screening room.

Meanwhile, Kerry’s coworkers engaged in casual banter, with one compassionate soul starting to feel a twinge of sympathy for the lost patrons.

However, Kerry, embracing her evil side, advised against lending them a helping hand. 

They Dismissed Her Help

After all, they had arrogantly declared their self-sufficiency and dismissed Kerry’s expertise. She didn’t feel sorry as they stumbled about for a good five minutes, growing increasingly confused.

Then, as if guided by a mischievous twist of fate, the hapless group accidentally found themselves standing in front of the women’s bathroom – a scene ripe with comedic potential!

Chaos ensued as the men innocently wandered into the women’s. The women inside erupted in a chorus of horrified screams!

Witnessing the spectacle, Kerry couldn’t contain her amusement and burst into laughter. The theater had given her her sweet revenge.

Fate Had One Last Trick

Despite Kerry’s reluctance, her coworker took pity on the customer’s plight and decided to offer a helping hand.

Guiding them to the correct door, the one Kerry had directed them to earlier, he spared them further embarrassment. This time, the customers expressed gratitude for the assistance, their faces flushed with relief. 

Finally settling into Theater 13, the group seemed ready for an uneventful movie experience. However, fate had one last trick up its sleeve.

Just five minutes into the film, a call light labeled “press for service” illuminated within their theater. Kerry, the assigned server for that particular theater, promptly responded to the call, eager to fulfill her duties.

How Dare She Bother Them

To her surprise, it was the same group that had earlier shouted at her, and they were questioning why she dared to bother them!

Kerry showed them the illuminated call light, a visual reminder of their pressing need for assistance.

Following protocol, she swiftly turned off the light, but the angry customer defiantly flicked the switch, turning the light back on.

In an attempt to educate the unruly customer, Kerry calmly informed him that the call light was not, as he’d thought, a button for reclining the theater seats.

Sticky Grossness

But the customer persisted, repeatedly pressing the button in a futile attempt to recline his chair! Growing more annoyed, he began searching for alternative buttons, determined to uncover the secret of comfort.

In a moment of sheer stupidity, he decided to plunge both his hands into the seat cushions – a decision he would soon regret.

Those dirty seat cushions became the next point of the customer’s desperate exploration. Sticky grossness, remnants of countless moviegoers, instantly glued to his hands.

Realizing the grave mistake he had made, the customer withdrew his now-sticky hands, a mixture of disgust and regret on his face.

Her Mission Was Accomplished

Seizing the perfect opportunity to deliver a final blow, Kerry couldn’t resist the temptation and uttered with a smirk, “Well, at least you know where the bathroom is.”

With her mission accomplished, Kerry left the scene, loving the poetic justice that had unfolded before her eyes.

With their arrogance and the stickiness of the theater’s seats, the customers were left to think about the consequences of their actions.

What do you think of this story? They certainly couldn’t escape karma!

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