Her Mom Kicked Out of Her Home Because of Her Sister’s Unconventional ‘Adult’ Career Choices

In a recent Reddit post, a user found herself entangled in a complex family situation involving her half-sister from her mother’s previous marriage. Here’s the full story.

Her Sister Was an Adult Actress

A few months ago, the Original Poster’s (OP) half-sister’s profession came to light which led to her biological father disowning her.

Despite the revelations, OP’s mother chose to portray her half-sister as a brave and admirable person, even discussing her work casually at the dinner table.

Despite feeling uncomfortable, OP, aged 16, remained silent about her feelings.

However, things took a drastic turn when a person from OP’s school discovered her half-sister’s profession: she was working as an adult actress.

Her Videos Went Viral Through the School

This resulted in the spread of her videos throughout the school.

Facing bullying and ridicule from her peers, OP’s life quickly became overwhelming and unbearable.

She lost friends, was forced to delete all her social media accounts, and retreated to her room, trying to hide from the distressing situation.

As the summer break began, OP hoped for a reprieve, praying for another scandal to divert attention away from her half-sister’s profession before school resumed in September.

Her Mom Made It 10 Times Worse by Interfering

However, her mother’s reaction escalated the situation further.

A friend’s mother contacted OP’s mom to inquire about the turmoil happening in her life.

Following the conversation, OP’s mother demanded that she reopen her TikTok account and publicly defend her half-sister while shaming many of her schoolmates.

Sensing that this would only worsen the situation, OP refused, leading to a heated argument.

“Are You Ashamed of Her?”

During the confrontation, her half-sister questioned OP about her lack of support and asked if she was ashamed of her.

Overwhelmed with anger and frustration, OP screamed at her half-sister, blaming her for the turmoil she was facing and saying that she would never support her or her life choices.

She even expressed a desire that her half-sister wasn’t her sister at all, given the hardships she had endured while her half-sister appeared to play the victim.

The intensity of the argument reached a tipping point, prompting OP’s father to intervene and guide her to her room while her mother comforted her crying half-sister.

Her Mom Sent Her Packing

In the aftermath of the explosive fight, OP’s mother came in, took her phone, and told her to pack her stuff saying OP should stay with her aunt (dad’s sister) for the foreseeable future because she can’t stand to be around OP.

OP took to Reddit to ask whether she was in the wrong for what happened and more than two thousand comments poured in saying that she was not wrong.

“Like What the Hell?”

One Reddit user wrote, “NTA since you are paying for her choices though it’s crazy how that’s happened.”

Another Redditor commented, “NTA. She’s getting viciously bullied and mom wants her to purposely make it significantly worse, like what the hell?”

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