Her Mother Called Her a Teenage Tramp and Left Her To Crawl Home in Excruciating Pain

Back when OP was just 13 years old, she made the decision to escape an unfit mother and moved in with her father. It was around this time that she discovered she had a medical condition, a tilted uterus. Since the condition didn’t cause any trouble for OP, she brushed it off as unimportant.

She Was in Agonizing Pain

A year later, the story took a sharp turn. Alone in her father’s house, OP was suddenly overcome with excruciating pain. It felt as though someone was trying to rip her spine out while simultaneously stabbing her stomach.

With no other options, she dragged herself to her bed, where she was eventually discovered by her father and his girlfriend.

At the sight of OP’s distress, her father’s girlfriend insisted she needed immediate medical attention. However, being uncomfortable with ‘lady problems’, her father decided to call OP’s mother to handle the situation.

When OP’s mother arrived, she was outwardly calm, but her demeanor quickly changed once they were alone in the car.

Her Mother Accused Her of Being a Teenage Tramp

Inside the car, OP’s mother immediately accused her of having a miscarriage and berated her for being a teenage ‘tramp’.

Amidst the accusations and in between bouts of pain, OP tried to explain her medical condition, only to be labeled a liar and told to keep quiet.

Once they arrived at the hospital, the doctor confirmed OP’s claims and assured her mother that she was certainly not pregnant.

Despite the doctor’s offer to help alleviate OP’s pain, her mother rejected the help and they were sent home with instructions for OP to rest.

And Kicked Her Out of the Car

The tension in the car was palpable. In a state of pain-induced delirium, OP just wanted some motherly comfort and reassurance. She spoke up, simply stating that she hadn’t lied.

In response, her mother pulled over, demanded she leave the car, and abandoned her in the midst of her agonizing pain.

With no resources at her disposal, OP was left to slowly make her way home on foot, even resorting to crawling for the final few blocks.

Her Family Was Disgusted With Her Behavior

When she arrived, her father’s girlfriend found her and did her best to help. Upon hearing what her mother had done, her father shook his head in disgust.

That day marked the end of OP’s relationship with her mother, a divide that lasted for the next eight years.

It was only when she was actually expecting a child that she made the regrettable decision to reach out to her mother again – but that’s a story for another time.

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