Her Mother-In-Law Thinks She’s Having a Sordid Affair, but Really, She’s Just a Secret Gamer

A young woman caused a stir on Reddit recently when she revealed that she led her mother-in-law to believe she was having an affair. The real truth was just too hard for the family to face! Here is the full story.

They Work From Home and Are Avid Gamers

OP is a 27-year-old woman who is married to a 26-year-old man. Both of them work from home and both of them are avid gamers.

After they finish their work each day, the couple settles down to their video games and play until midnight or later. OP says that she and her husband sit next to each other about 95% of their waking time.

This devotion to gaming has been a source of contention with their families for both OP and her husband since they were kids.

Their parents never really understood the obsession, and they think it’s downright silly for a couple of adults to spend so much time playing games.

The Parent’s Didn’t Approve, so They Lied About Their Gaming Habits

So, to avoid confrontation and the mounds of judgment, OP and her husband have started lying about what they’re doing. They often tell family members that they have something else going on.

OP is currently pregnant, which has prompted her in-laws to visit much more often than usual. That has put a crunch on the couple’s gaming time, but it’s also made them more creative in their lies.

Because of the extra company, and because she wants to get more sleep for the baby’s sake, OP and her husband have been spending less time than usual gaming during the week lately.

To make up for it, they set aside Sunday to get their weekly gaming fill. But OP and her hubby tell their family that it’s their “date day” and that they’re out having fun.

Mil Paid an Unexpected Visit

One recent Sunday, some friends were in town, and OP’s husband went to a gaming cafe with them. Naturally, OP herself stayed home to play games.

Meanwhile, OP’s mother-in-law called and asked what she was up to. OP said she was out on a date with her husband.

Later on, right in the middle of a game, OP’s in-laws came to the door. She let them knock for a good 20 minutes before she finally answered. She had to finish her game first!

When she opened the door, OP’s mother-in-law wanted to know what had taken so long. OP said she had been taking a nap. At that point the MIL pounced because she knew she had exposed a lie.

And Accused Her of Cheating

As it turned out, OP’s mother-in-law had also called her son that afternoon, and he said he was out at a bar with some friends. Not with his wife, as OP had said.

Armed with this mismatch and OP’s delay in opening the door, her mother-in-law tore into her, saying she was cheating on her husband.

OP started laughing because it would be pretty much impossible for either one of them to cheat since they were together all the time.

That just made her mother-in-law even angrier, and she continued to rip OP a new one until her son came home. He asked what was going on, and his mother told him that his wife was cheating.

… With No Evidence!

OP’s husband explained that cheating was not even a possibility since they were tied at the hip almost all the time. When her son didn’t take her side, his mother got even angrier.

Forced to accept that she had been wrong, OP’s mother-in-law now said OP was a liar and had misled her by letting her think she was cheating.

OP doesn’t want tension in the family, but she thinks it was her mother-in-law who was wrong for barging in and accusing her of cheating.

Redditors mostly agree with OP that her mother-in-law was out of line with her accusations, especially since she had almost no evidence.

It’s Time To Come Clean With the Gaming!

But many commenters also place some blame on OP and her husband for continuing to lie to their family.

They say it’s time to just come clean about their gaming because they’re adults and can do whatever they want with their time.

So, what do you think of this story?

Did OP make a mistake by lying to her mother-in-law and not shooting down her “cheating” theory?

Or was her MIL the only one in the wrong here?

And do you think OP and her husband should just own up to their constant gaming?

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