Her Mother-In-Law Threw Away Her Dinner While She Was Breastfeeding Her Newborn, so She Stormed Out. Was She in the Wrong?

A distraught mother whipped Reddit into a frenzy recently after she stormed out of her house when her husband and mother-in-law threw away her dinner. The aftermath got even uglier. Here is her full story.

They’ve Just Had Their First Baby

OP is a 32-year-old woman who is married to a police officer. The couple recently had their first baby, and his mother has been staying with them.

At first, OP thought her mother-in-law had come to help with baby duties, but the older lady didn’t do much of anything except camp out in the living room. She also invited her friends over to show off her newborn grandson.

But the one area where OP’s mother-in-law did help out was with the cooking. She made dinner every night, and OP was grateful for both having hot meals to eat and not having to prepare them herself.

One night recently, though, OP’s new son wanted to nurse right at dinnertime. And as there’s no denying a hungry infant, OP went to her bedroom to feed the baby.

She Was Breastfeeding and Realized She’d Missed Her Own Dinner

As she continued to feed the baby, OP realized she was late for dinner, but she didn’t think it was any big deal. She’d just eat when she was finished nursing.

When left the bedroom, though, OP’s husband and his mom were sitting in the living room watching TV. They had finished dinner and moved on with their evening.

OP asked where dinner was, her husband said there was “probably” something left for her on the stove. But her mother-in-law said that she had already thrown out the leftovers.

OP was shocked and asked the older lady why she would do such a thing. Her MIL replied that, since OP was absent from the dinner table, she must not have been hungry.

Her Mother-In-Law Knew What She Was Doing but Still Threw Away Her Food!

That lit OP’s fuse and she started yelling at her mother-in-law. She said the older lady knew darn well she was nursing and that she’d be starving afterwards.

At that, OP’s mother-in-law just shrugged and said it wasn’t her fault that OP didn’t show up for dinner. Then OP’s husband jumped into the fight and told OP to stop yelling at his mom and acting like a child.

OP had heard enough, so she stomped into the bedroom, packed a bag, and grabbed the baby. She called her brother to come get her and take her and the infant to her mother’s house.

OP’s husband continued to yell at her as she left the house, saying that she should be grateful his mother had put her life on hold to come help out.

So She Walked Out

On the way to her mom’s house, OP’s brother stopped to get her some food. OP ate well in the days that followed, too, and she appreciated the clean calm environment of her mom’s house.

After she’d been gone a little while, OP started feeling a little guilty, so she texted her husband a couple pictures of their son. He took it as an insult and said she was rubbing it all in his face.

Later that night, OP’s husband sent her a picture of his mom and him sitting down to eat. They were leaving her out of their dinner plans for real this time, he said.

Now, OP’s husband wants to come see his son for a couple of hours and talk things out with his wife. But he’ll only come over if OP gets her mom to leave.

She Should Meet Her Husband So He Can See His Son and They Can Talk Through Their Issues

OP isn’t going to ask her mom to leave her own home, and she’s not sure she’s ready to see her husband. But she also wonders if she overreacted by leaving home because she was so hungry.

Most Redditors think OP was justified for walking out when she was excluded from dinner. Some suspect that her mother-in-law didn’t even make enough food for the three of them in the first place.

Many commenters suggest that OP should meet up with her husband so he can see his son and so that they can start talking through their issues.

Some of them think the mother-in-law needs to go back to her own home right away.

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP justified for walking out when she didn’t get dinner? Or did she overreact?

And how do you think she should move forward with her husband?

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