Her Nanny Was Caught on CCTV Talking To Her Toddler About Having a Baby With Her Husband

In a shocking revelation, a nanny was caught having an affair with her employer’s partner. The mother shared her story on Reddit, revealing that she had found disturbing texts along with CCTV footage of the father and the nanny telling the daughter that they want to have a child together.

Shocking CCTV Footage

This woman and her partner, Alex, had a daughter together called Cassie, and were in the process of planning their wedding. 

Everything was perfect until a shocking discovery on the CCTV in Cassie’s nursery, where there was something disturbing happening between Alex and their daughter’s nanny, Liv.

The mother checked the nursery camera and found a clip where Liv was seen talking to Cassie about wanting a baby with Alex.

“I then looked through the camera in my daughter’s nursery and I saw a clip of Liv asking if she wanted a sister or brother from ‘miss Livy’ and daddy.” The mother explains.

Led to Their Wedding Being Cancelled

When confronted, Alex tearfully admitted to exchanging inappropriate messages and photos with Liv, including photos of Liv in lingerie.

Although nothing physical happened, it was still a betrayal. Alex begged for forgiveness, but the mother saw through the apologies.

Due to these revelations, any plans for a wedding have been cancelled. 

The mother will consult a custody lawyer to determine the best course of action for their daughter and the nanny will no longer be a part of their lives.

He’d Probably Betray the Nanny Too

The mother then told Liv that, “if she wanted Alex so bad she could have him,” before warning her about how Alex will probably betray her too in the future.

After being told by the mother about his daughter’s actions with Alex, the nanny’s father was furious with Liv, and made a promise to find out all the information for the mother.

In a shocking revelation, Liv’s father discovered deleted messages that revealed her desire to replace the woman as Cassie’s mother, saying that she wants the mother “out of the picture.”

Was the Nanny Right in the Head?

This revelation raised concerns about Liv’s mindset.

Now, the mother is questioning her decision to throw the father out so suddenly.

User’s were quick to fire a response, with one saying, “sorry this happened to you and your daughter. I think you are doing everything that you can do to keep your daughter and yourself safe and happy.”

“What He Did Is Cheating and You’re Smart To Get Away”

Another user reassured the mother for her actions, saying, “What he did is cheating and you’re smart to get away.”

What’s your opinion on the matter, do you have any advice for the mother? We want to know your thoughts in the comments.

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