Her Neighbor Tormented Her Everytime She Was Walking Her Dogs, so She Decided to Get Some Foul Smelling Revenge!

She got revenge on a woman that had abused her for years in one of the stinkiest ways possible!

One Woman and Her Two Dogs

Our storyteller, SP, used to live in a very nice condo that had ground-floor access to the backyard, which opened up into a large field and park setting with pathways throughout.

When she lived there, she had two dogs, Smokey and the Bandit, who were two large lovable fluffballs. SP used to walk them all around the area and always picked up after them.

Next door to SP lived K and her husband R. R was an ok guy, and SP never had any issues with him, but K had it out for her.

As soon as SP met them, she sensed hate for her coming from K, but she never gave her any reason to hate her, so she just ignored her.

Doggy Doodoo Police

That is until K decided to appoint herself the Doggy Doodoo police and constantly accused SP of not picking up after her dogs.

K would scream out her door at SP about it when she was returning to her unit.

SP had zero clue what made K think this about her; as she said, she always picked up after her dogs, so again, she just ignored her and wrote her off as delusional.

Doing so must have annoyed her even more because she started stepping up her attacks on SP until it got to the point one day, she confronted SP outside the condo and was literally in her face screaming.

Un-Neighborly Screaming Match

SP tried to verbally defend herself but ended up just walking away, going into her condo, and slamming the door in K’s face. K then proceeded to freak out, trying to kick SP’s door in!

SP called the cops, who luckily got there quickly and took control of K.

In the end, SP could have pressed charges against her, but she just wanted her to leave her alone, so on that condition, the cops let her go, and she left SP alone after that.

Not long after that, R told SP they had bought a house and would be moving. SP cannot tell you how happy and relieved she was hearing that.

Petty Revenge Gold

K obviously had a very hard time with self-control, and SP was worried it would just be a matter of time before she got in her face again. When they finally left, SP had a little party to celebrate that same night!

The next day, SP noticed some garbage in what would have been their “backyard,” pieces of paper and stuff, so she picked it up, thinking how ironic it was that she was picking up after them after K had spent so much time accusing her of not picking up after her dogs!

One of the pieces of paper was Petty Revenge Gold! It was something about their new house with the address listed! SP tucked that paper away for future reference while formulating her revenge plan.

About six months later, it was springtime. SP talked to a friend of hers who agreed to help her exact her revenge and got the ball rolling.

Neighbor Had Moved

North of the big city that SP lived in was where they had moved to. Also, north of the city were lots of landscaping supply stores and farms where you could order things like sand, gravel, manure, etc.

SP called one of the farms that she assumed wouldn’t be up to date in all the technological advances when it comes to paying by credit card for stuff and ordered 5 cubic yards of manure for around $100.

For those of you who do not know, that is a LOT of manure, which is delivered via dump truck and dumped in your driveway.

SP gave their address for delivery using her friend’s credit card so there would be no link to her name (she reimbursed her friend) and asked for it to be delivered early morning during the week and for it to be dumped at the end of the driveway closest to the road.

Manure for a Rotten Neighbor

SP hoped that they wouldn’t be home when it was delivered, so the manure could sit and rot in the sun all day, making it more unpleasant to deal with!

Despite her initial plan to stake out K and R’s home and watch their reactions to the manure, SP and her friend ultimately decided not to bother.

Still, the satisfaction of knowing that K and R would have to deal with her poop after subjecting her to theirs was enough for SP!

Redditors really enjoyed this woman’s tale of revenge!

I Reeeeeeeally Wanted to Stay and Watch

One user said, “There is NO WAY I would have missed seeing her reaction after such a great stunt!” SP responded to this and explained, “Trust me, I reeeeeeeally wanted to stay and watch for a good while.

But it was a fairly new development with no mature trees or anything to blend in with. I didn’t know if any neighbors would ask what I was doing sitting there for hours.

I knew if I was spotted, they would have made the connection right away because I would have zero reason to be there otherwise. I do regret not going though.”

What do you think of her revenge? Was it too far?

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