Her Neighbors Tried to Poison Her Family and Then Have the Audacity to Tell Her She’s Paranoid

Respecting our neighbors is an important aspect of living in a community. We share spaces and resources, and it’s important to be mindful of how our actions can impact those around us. In this particular story, a woman confronts her elderly neighbor after discovering that they sprayed insecticide on their hedges, which contaminated her edible garden! She wanted to know if she’d been in the wrong for confronting them, or if she was doing the right thing, so asked Reddit.

Growing Food for Her Family

Helen, a mother of two and a new homeowner, has been having disagreements with her elderly neighbor about various issues since moving in.

Despite this, Helen has tried to be accommodating to her neighbor’s preferences. However, when she caught her neighbor’s boyfriend spraying insecticide on their shared hedge, she knew she had to confront him.

Helen had just finished planting non-invasive berry bushes in a newly created garden bed near the border of their properties, which she needed for her food-related health issues.

Her neighbor had watched her work and seemed to be fine with her plans.

Neighbors Spraying Insecticide Over HER Garden

When Helen saw the boyfriend spraying the hedge with something unrecognizable, she immediately went outside to investigate.

He tried to deny it and even hid the canister from her but eventually admitted to treating their bushes with insecticide.

Despite his denial, Helen knew that he had sprayed her plants since they were only two feet away, and she had seen him spraying in their direction.

She later discovered that the insecticide he used contained harmful ingredients that made her produce inedible for a year!

“You Are Too Paranoid”

When Helen confronted her neighbor about the poisoning, her neighbor accused her of being too paranoid and sensitive.

According to her neighbor, when they were children, they ate food after it had been sprayed with insecticide, and nothing bad ever happened.

The neighbor claimed that Helen was being unreasonable and that she could do what she wanted in her own garden.

Her neighbor’s accusations didn’t deter Helen, and she stood her ground. She felt it was her responsibility to protect her children and herself from harmful substances.

She Was Fuming

Moreover, she was angry that her neighbor had done it secretly, without any consideration for her health or her children’s health.

Despite this, Helen’s neighbor began to badmouth her in the neighborhood, causing other people to approach her about her behavior.

This left Helen feeling even more isolated and hurt. Was she really the jerk here for confronting her neighbor about poisoning her plants and potentially putting her family’s health at risk?

In Helen’s opinion, she did what any responsible parent would do in this situation. She tried to reason with her neighbor, but when that failed, she had to take a stand.

Her Family’s Heath Was Important

She was not going to risk her family’s health and well-being just to please her neighbor. Moreover, she felt that her neighbor’s behavior was unacceptable, and she had to speak out against it.

Helen is understandably upset about the situation and feels like her neighbor and the neighborhood are unfairly targeting her.

She did everything she could to ensure that her garden was planted well within her property, away from the border, and yet her neighbor still managed to harm her produce.

It’s not unreasonable for her to want to protect her family’s health and safety, and she’s well within her rights to confront her neighbor about it.

She’s Not in the Wrong

Reddit users were quick to come to Helen’s defense, with many agreeing that she was not in the wrong.

They advised her to tell everyone in the neighborhood what had happened and to put up a privacy fence or move the garden where it couldn’t be “accidentally” sprayed again. 

Some pointed out that while the neighbor should have informed Helen about treating their hedges, planting a garden right on the property line meant that it was at risk of being contaminated with anything they might use on their lawn or landscaping.

They also agreed that Insecticides on fruit and veggie plants could be incredibly harmful if ingested, and the neighbor should have owned up.

She Still Feels the Bad Guy

Despite the support from the Reddit community, Helen still feels like the bad guy in the situation.

She wondered if she was being too paranoid and sensitive, as her neighbor had suggested. She felt like she was overreacting to what her neighbor might have seen as a harmless action.

In the end, however, Helen knew that she had to protect herself and her family. She had a right to grow her own food and to expect that her neighbor would respect that.

She is going to put up a privacy fence and move her garden to a safer location just to be sure that nothing like this will happen again.

She’ll Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen Again

In conclusion, Helen was not wrong in this situation.

She was just looking out for her family’s health and well-being. Her neighbor was in the wrong for spraying insecticide without considering the consequences for her neighbors’ plants and health.

She Wants the Best for Her Family

Despite the backlash, Helen stood her ground. She’s a caring mother who wants the best for her family and deserves respect and understanding.

Hopefully, her neighbor and the neighborhood will come to realize that they were in the wrong and make amends.

What do you think of Helen’s story? Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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