Her Niece Decided To Stand Up for Their Working Rights, but It All Went Horribly Wrong and People Got Fired

An out of work mother caused a firestorm on Reddit when she revealed that she lost her job after her niece reported her company for bad working conditions. The girl then wanted a pat on the back, and that’s when the family strife began. Here is the full story.

She Works in Grim Conditions

OP is a 35-year-old mother of three who lost her long-time job during the pandemic due to cost-cutting measures. Luckily, she was able to find work in a meat processing company not long afterwards.

The new job was a grind, and the working conditions were rough, but OP was happy to have the income. Still, she was going to move on as soon as she found something better.

In the meantime, OP’s 19-year-old niece was looking for a part-time gig. She was in college and wanted some spending money, even though her wealthy parents paid for her school and expenses.

Since the meat company was still hiring, OP recommended her niece for an opening, and the girl was hired. That’s when all hell broke loose.

But She Needs the Job To Support Her Family

It didn’t take OP’s niece to start complaining about the disgusting work environment, and then she started digging into her coworker’s wages and hours.

The niece found out that the company didn’t pay standard overtime multipliers and that they were working people excessive hours. She told OP that she was going to report their employer to authorities.

OP asked her niece to just keep quiet because she needed her job to feed her family. It was the same way for most of their coworkers, too, who couldn’t afford to be unemployed.

But OP’s niece was hellbent on making a difference, and she started posting pictures of the workplace on social media. She also posted videos and long text posts about fighting for worker rights.

Her Niece Wanted To Stand Up for Their Rights

The accusations caused quite a stir at work, though OP was never sure if her niece actually went to authorities or not.

What she did notice was that her bosses started to ignore her, she assumed because they blamed her for recommending the troublemaker.

Not long after the niece started her war against the meat plant, the company started laying people off. Among those let go were OP and several of her direct coworkers.

After getting fired, OP started looking for a new job right away. She didn’t contact her niece and tried to avoid the young woman completely.

And She Got Fired for It!

But OP’s niece texted and called her several times, saying that what she had done was right. She wanted OP to acknowledge that she was doing a service by trying to get the company to change.

The girl’s dad, who is OP’s brother, got in on the act, too. He texted OP to tell her that she should encourage his daughter to keep fighting for what is right.

OP doesn’t want to argue with a young woman who has no real-life experience, and she doesn’t want to argue with her rich brother, either.

For OP, the right thing to do now is for her to spend her time and energy on finding another job. But she’s concerned about keeping peace in the family, too.

Her Niece Doesn’t Really Understand How the Real World Works

Redditors have mixed opinions about this story.

Many of them support OP’s stance and say that her niece doesn’t really understand how the real world works. They think her idealism is causing real-life trouble for average people.

But some say the girl is right for fighting against poor working conditions. They understand OP’s point of view but think the company should be held accountable.

Several commenters suggest OP should consult a labor lawyer about her termination.

So, what do you think about this story?

Should OP be more supportive of her niece in her fight for what she thinks is right?

Or was the girl out of line for causing a stink for her part-time employer, especially after her aunt begged her not to?

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