Her Nightmare Drive! She Was Chased for Miles by a Sinister Stranger Lurking in the Shadows Obsessed With Her Beauty!

In a chilling TikTok video, a woman recounts her experience of being followed by a man for five miles, all because he wanted to tell her she was pretty. However, before he told her that, he asked some worrying questions that divided TikTok. 

She Was Stalked for FIVE Miles

The clip, shared by social worker Kenny, @buzzcutkenny, has gone viral with her story about getting stalked for five miles just to be told she was pretty.

Titled with a provocative statement, “I hate males: WHY WOULD THIS EVER BE OK,” Kenny expresses her fear over the incident.

She shares her initial reaction in the video, saying, “At this point, I’m sorry, but men should not have rights.”

She then clarifies in the comments that it was an expression of fear, not a genuine belief.

Things Turned Creepy

Kenny described the encounter: “So I just got home, and there was a car who pulled up behind me, right, which is fine because I live in an apartment complex, and that’s normal.”

Things turned creepy when the car wedged between her and the parking garage.

The man in the car motioned for her to roll down her window, and she obliged, asking, “Can I help you?”

The man asked Kenny a question, “Do you live here?” Causing her to panic and lie, saying she’s just visiting a friend.

He Wanted To Tell Her She Was Pretty!

When the man asked her whether she was from the area, she quickly lied again to keep her personal information away from him.

To her shock, the man revealed that he had been following her for five miles after spotting her at a traffic light.

He wanted to tell her she was pretty! To which Kenny questions whether that’s appropriate for the viewers.

The TikTok video has reached over 300k views, but unfortunately, some men in the comments didn’t fully understand.

“Say Thank You and Move On”

One comment defended the man’s actions, suggesting Kenny should be grateful for the compliment, “Say thank you and move on.”

Another user mocked the men, missing the point, stating, “‘ Then it’s “y’all can’t take a compliment”.. that’s not flattering at all, sir!”

Users were quick to question the man’s actions. Why did he think saying he followed you for five miles to tell you’re pretty would be a compliment? The audacity!”

How would you have reacted in this disturbing situation? Let us know in the comments.

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