Her Obsession With Weight Loss Takes Over Her Wedding Day; She Takes Things Too Far and Serves Bloat Pills as Snacks!

Prepare to be stunned as a bride’s TikTok video showcasing her wedding menu goes viral. This bride goes through what she ate on her wedding day with everything looking fairly normal, until she casually mentions the bloat pills that we left on each table! See how TikTok have reacted below.

“What I Eat in a Day”

Sam Cutler, a popular fitness influencer on TikTok, tied the knot last week.

She posted a “What I eat in a day” video to share her special day with followers, focusing on her wedding day meals. Little did she know, it would cause quite a stir!

In the video, which has now gained over 4 million views, Cutler starts her day with a protein smoothie and a salad while getting ready. So far, nothing out of the ordinary.

Then viewers were taken aback when they discovered the strict dietary restrictions and “clean eating” at the wedding.

… a Different Approach

Cutler’s video reveals a different approach, unlike traditional wedding food on TikTok that features lavish spreads.

While there was a veggie platter in the bridal suite for snacking, viewers were surprised to see “bloat pills” on every table.

Cutler even takes one during the main course.

The wedding cake is gluten, dairy, and sugar-free, and the bride opts for a low-sugar wine.

Bloat Pills?

As the video was shared on Twitter by @buzzfeedjenny, users questioned the bride’s food choices, while others were shocked by the concept of bloat pills.

This user even said, “I eat like her, but it’s weirdly police-like to encourage my poor future grandma-in-law to eat like me.”

Another user even admitted, “I didn’t know I could gasp so much so quickly.”

“Support Each Other Without Judgment”

Cutler defended her choices by stating that women should support each other’s decisions without judgment.

She emphasized that no one was forced to take the bloat pills; they were simply available for those interested.

Cutler stands by her wedding choices despite the backlash, maintaining that she enjoyed her special day.

How would you react if you were invited to a wedding with bloat pills as a snack? We want to know in the comments.

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