Her Parents Are Slowly Coming Around To Using Pronouns To Address Her Trans Sister, but It’s a Long Road Ahead

In a recent Reddit post, a user shared her dilemma of questioning her parents after they used the wrong pronouns. Here’s what happened.

Her Sister Came Out as Trans

OP’s sister, Anna, recently came out as Trans, and most of the family has been supportive.

A couple of weeks ago, the closest family members, including OP’s parents, OP, and their oldest sister, accompanied Anna to the gender clinic to ask questions and learn more about transitioning.

During the meeting, Anna expressed her desire for the family to start using feminine pronouns to aid in her social transition.

She also mentioned that once she figures out a name, she would like them to use that as well.

Her Parents Were Willing To Give Alternative Pronouns a Try

The family agreed to this request, although their parents acknowledged that it might take some time to adjust, given their long history of using masculine pronouns for 35 years.

Despite this, they were willing to give it a try.

Also, Anna specifically mentioned that she did not want the family to correct each other, hoping that they would “police themselves.”

The story began, when OP still lived at home and she overheard her parents’ conversations and noticed that they were not putting in much effort to change the pronouns when discussing her sister.

But Unwittingly Continued To Use ‘He’ Instead of ‘Her’

Although nothing directly harmful or disrespectful was being said, they continued to use “he” instead of “her”.

When OP joined in these conversations, she deliberately used her sister’s name or “she”, but it seemed like her parents were not even realizing that they were still using masculine pronouns.

As a result, OP is now feeling the urge to correct them because it appeared that they were not trying, but doing so would mean going against her sister’s own wishes for her transition.

But Her Sister Doesn’t Want To Cause Any Upset

OP turned to Reddit seeking advice and several Redditors said that she would be wrong.

One Reddit user wrote, “YTA, whilst your intentions are good and you’re trying to protect your sister, she made her wishes clear and you’re disrespecting her and those wishes by not following them.”

Another Redditor commented, “Yes, YWBTA because the person in your life most directly affected has asked you not to.”

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