Her Partner’s Laziness Finally Catches up to Him, and She’s Doesn’t Want Him to Get Away With It.

Couple’s relationship is strained after he loses their job, and shows a lack of motivation to find new employment after she’s been supporting him.

Emotional Connection

A couple has been together for almost a year, and despite the woman’s reservations about getting into a long-term relationship after coming out of an abusive one, she fell in love with her partner due to their shared interests and emotional connection. 

When they started dating, the man barely scraped financially, and she paid for everything from dates to groceries. 

She did not mind, as she felt it was a natural compromise due to her significantly higher income.

As their relationship progressed, the woman’s grandmother passed away, and her partner was there for her during the grieving process. 

Buy a House

The woman had wanted to buy a house for a while and had found a place she could pay for on her own, but she would need to save money in the long run.

To make things work, she offered her partner to move in with her and share the mortgage costs.

Her partner initially struggled to find a job, but eventually landed one that paid over 60k per year. 

After just three days on the job, he broke down in his boss’s office and said he didn’t think he could do it. 

He Got Fired

His complaints ranged from his commute time to the work he was doing, and seven weeks later, he was fired.

The woman was understandably upset about losing his job, given that she has been financially supporting both of them. 

She works long hours every week and hasn’t been able to save much due to the situation. 

Despite applying to several jobs, the woman’s partner seems to have lost his motivation to find a stable source of income, and the woman is struggling to support him emotionally, as she is angry and frustrated with him. 

Financially Entangled

She wants to move past these feelings and rekindle their love, but she doesn’t know how to make things better.

One user questioned, “You started supporting him after less than a year of knowing each other?”

Another said, “I honestly think you moved too fast with him, and got financially entangled before you fully knew who he was. Not saying he’s a bad guy, but he obviously is not the type of partner you are seeking.” 

What do you think? Should she have an honest conversation with him or dump him? Is she putting up with too much?

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