Her Phone Addiction and Bad Driving Habits Could Have Killed Them Both! Was He Wrong for Teaching Her a Lesson?

Here’s a tale about Matty, a 25-year-old man, and his younger sister, Christy, an 18-year-old freshly licensed driver who thought she could handle a car without even looking at the road. Little did she know that fate, and Matty, had a surprise in store for her that would quickly change her bad driving habits.

She’s Addicted to Her Phone

Christy is a young woman of our time; she’s glued to her phone like many others her age.

It didn’t take her long to become one of those drivers who balance their phone on their thighs, stealing glances while maneuvering a thousand-pound vehicle on public roads.

This habit was a significant point of anger in their family. Despite Matty and other family members repeatedly warning her about the dangers of distracted driving, their words seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Christy’s addiction to her phone seemed to take priority over her responsibility on the road.

Even When She’s Driving

One day, Matty and Christy had to run some errands, including getting groceries. Christy was driving Matty’s car, and much to his annoyance, she was checking her phone throughout the drive.

He watched in apprehension as she continued to split her attention between the road and the glowing screen, even after he asked her to stop.

As they approached a parking spot, Christy received a notification on her phone. Distracted, she didn’t notice the lantern looming ahead of her.

Matty saw the impending collision, but this time he made a tough decision. He decided not to intervene as long as there were no other vehicles in harm’s way.


BANG! The car rammed into the lantern, the shock stopping Christy in her tracks! She was stunned, not uttering a word for a good 15 seconds until Matty broke the silence.

“Will you learn to leave that phone alone now?” he questioned, hoping this harsh lesson had done what their words couldn’t.

Christy was livid. Her immediate reaction was to blame Matty, “Why didn’t you tell me?!” 

But he was quick to remind her that, as a driver, the responsibility of the vehicle and the safety of its passengers was on her shoulders. If he weren’t there, the outcome would’ve been the same.

She Blamed Him for Not Warning Her

Christy’s astonishment increased when Matty asked her to foot half the bill for the damages incurred in the accident that the insurance wouldn’t cover. 

The total damage amounted to just under $200, including a blown-out light, a bent bumper, a dent in the hood, a few scratches on the car, and damage to the lantern’s pole.

She was incensed, arguing that she wouldn’t have had to foot the bill if Matty had warned her.

But he stood his ground, reminding her that she was lucky she wasn’t paying the full amount, considering she was the one who’d been driving while on her phone.

But He Wanted To Teach Her a Lesson

A few days later, Christy grudgingly paid her share. She then announced that she would have to cancel her upcoming trip with her friends because of the unexpected expense. 

She called Matty a “massive idiot,” insisting that she would have learned her lesson even without having to pay.

Matty, however, remained skeptical about her claim. He’d seen too many distracted drivers causing harm on the road, and he didn’t want his sister to become one of them.

Redditors thought Matty was in the right and were impressed that he was willing to sacrifice his car to teach his sister a lesson. 

“Thank God It Was a Lantern in a Parking Lot”

One user said, “NTA. Thank GOD it was a lantern in a PARKING lot and not a semi on the highway. Kids need to learn.

She seems very shaken (rightfully so), and good that she paid back immediately and is feeling the financial CONSEQUENCE which is $$$$lost, so no trip for her (that’s what you get!).

Hopefully, this will teach her a lesson. I guess it wasn’t like a life-threatening situation either in the lot where she could have hurt you guys or other people.”

So, what’s your take? Is Matty a jerk for letting his sister learn a tough lesson about distracted driving? Or did he do the right thing in teaching her about the real-world consequences of such dangerous behavior?

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