Her Religious Mother Insisted She Should Be Liberated From Satan’s Chains by Sending Her to a Christian Boarding School

What happens when a person keeps on saying they don’t believe in God but the mother keeps on forcing them to believe in Religion? Here’s the full story.

Her Parents Tried To Convert Her to Christianity

The Original Poster (OP) is a 16-year-old, whose parents are continuing to try to convert her to Christianity despite the numerous times she told them she doesn’t believe in God.

As a result, they ground OP or take her phone away because she won’t go to church, neither of which bothers OP in the slightest.

OP says her parents tried several times to make her believe in God. For example, when OP was unwell and in need of medical help, OP begged her mother to take her to the doctor.

But she declined, saying that not believing in God was “my choice,” just as it was “her choice” to refuse.

She Asked a Pastor to “Liberate Her From Satan’s Chains”

The situation took a turn when a man who claimed to be the pastor was in their living room when OP returned home from school.

OP’s mother demanded that she sit down and listen to the sermon because she believed that the pastor might be able to guide her to the “light of God” and “liberate her from Satan’s chains.”

OP got angry, resisted, and yelled at her, calling her a horrible mom demanding to know why she keeps torturing her.

She didn’t say anything other than to sigh and tell the pastor, “See this is what I’m dealing with, the devil’s child.” OP rushed inside her room and shut the door.

Her Mom Threatened To Send Her to a Christian Boarding School

The remainder of the day was spent in her room, and no one bothered her.

OP’s mother came and sat down in front of her the next morning as she was getting ready for school, telling her that they needed to talk.

She yelled at OP saying that she doesn’t have any manners, and threatened to send her to a Christian boarding school.

OP got beyond furious that her mother is pressing her religious views on her yet again while ignoring everything OP had to say.

“The Boarding School Would Be “Good” for Her”

Once more, OP screamed at her, telling her that she was sick of her ridiculous ideas and that she won’t grow up to be like her.

OP told her that she would never talk to her again and that she would despise her for the rest of her life if she sent her to the Christian school.

Then her mother started to cry and OP left the house to go to school.

When OP’s grandparents picked her up from school, they conveyed their displeasure and insisted that OP immediately apologize to her mother for what she had said.

She Was Angry and Hurt

They also told OP that going to the boarding school would be “good” for her.

OP is angry and hurt about the whole situation and she took to Reddit to ask for opinions and hundreds of comments came in support of OP.

One Reddit user wrote, “NTA, but since screaming at your mom only seems to be reinforcing her beliefs, maybe tone it down. Also, refusing to get medical assistance when you are sick is neglect. She has a legal obligation to get medical help for you when you are sick.”

Her Mom Was Failing Her

Another Redditor commented, “You’re not wrong for not “going along” with this, but you keep talking about being “enraged” and “yelling.” Unfortunately, that only solidifies (in your mom’s mind) that you are the devil’s child.”

A third Redditor pointed out that OP’s mom is failing her.

The comment read, “You were honest and you warned her. You’re allowed to stand her ground and not want religion shoved down her throat. You don’t owe her an apology. She’s a p*** poor excuse for a mother and she ought to be ashamed. She’s your mother. She’s supposed to love you.”

So what do you think? What would you do if you were in OP’s situation?

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