Her Rich Bosses Expected Her To Offer Additional Childcare Services for Free, She Said No and Is Now Worried She Might Lose Her Job

A nanny took to Reddit recently after she refused to provide extra childcare for free. The request came from her wealthy employers who were looking for a family favor. Here is the full story.

She Loves Being a Nanny

OP is a 28-year-old woman who has worked as a nanny for four years. She takes care of two children, a 4-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl.

OP’s employers are both doctors, and she has always gotten along well with them. Overall, she loves her job.

The mother of the two kids that OP takes care of has a sister who is a first grade teacher. She also has two kids, a 4-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy. 

Until recently, the little kids’ grandmother has taken care of the sister’s kids.

She Took on Extra Responsibilities To Help Out When the Grandmother Was Sick

But when grandma had surgery recently, her other daughter asked OP if she would mind taking on the other two children while the older woman recovered.

OP agreed to the extra work, even though she wouldn’t get any extra pay for it. It was only going to be for a few weeks, and she was happy to do a favor for her employers.

But as the grandmother got closer to full recovery, she told her daughter she no longer wanted to take care of the kids. That’s when all eyes turned to OP.

OP’s boss, the mother of the first set of children, came to her and said they wanted to make the four-kid arrangement permanent.

They Wanted Her to Permanently Look After Two More Kids for Free

OP asked how much of a pay raise she would be getting for the extra work, and her boss said none.

The woman doctor then told OP that she saw how easily she had handled the extra two kids while her mother was recovering. She said it looked like they were no extra work at all for the nanny, so there shouldn’t be any extra pay.

But OP pointed out that she had been very generous in doing a favor for her boss and her family for a short stretch of time.

But it wasn’t fair for her to double her workload over the course of a 9-hour day in the long term, all for the same pay.

And Said She Was Selfish for Saying No!

OP’s boss said she was being selfish for not helping a family in need. Her sister was a single mother, after all, and she couldn’t afford to pay for a nanny.

The boss also said that, since OP was already at their house all day long, it really shouldn’t matter how many kids she watched while she was there.

OP responded that there were other options for childcare that the sister could explore. Having a nanny watch your kids was a privilege that her bosses could afford because of their income.

The argument went back and forth for a while longer, but OP finally put her foot down and said she would definitely not watch her boss’s niece and nephew for free.

Now She’s Concerned She Might Lose Her Job

Now, OP is concerned that she might lose her job, which she admits does pay her really well. But she also doesn’t think it’s fair for her boss to ask her to take on so much more work for the same salary.

Reddit commenters overwhelmingly agree with OP and think the boss is way out of line with her request.

They think it’s ironic that the boss calls OP selfish when she’s the one asking for free services.

Many think that the boss is acting like an entitled fool and say that OP should stand her ground.

So, what do you think?

Is OP justified for refusing to provide free childcare for her boss’s sister?

Or should she just suck it up and do what they ask?

Do you think there is some middle ground where they might find a compromise?

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