Her Roommate Was So Unhinged She Had to Get Out of Her Own Home for Her Sanity. Was She Wrong to Leave?

Let’s take a look at Mel’s story of roommate woes and see if she was at fault in this situation.

She Helped Out Her Roommate at Lot

Back in 2018, Mel decided to move in with a girl she knew from school. They both worked at a fast-food joint and during a conversation about finding their own places, Mel suggested they get one together.

The idea was well-received, and they found a place close to their workplace since Mel had a car and a license while her roommate didn’t. Mel would drive them both to work or pick her up when she closed, ensuring her safety.

When it came to bills, Mel took care of the internet while her roommate handled the water and electricity.

However, the roommate insisted on being in charge of paying the internet bill, so Mel provided her with the necessary information and would give her half of the payment.

She Drove to and from Work Each Day

After a while, Mel decided to pursue a higher-paying job at a factory. She informed her roommate, who then asked if Mel would transport her to work as well if she applied and got hired.

Mel agreed, on the condition that her roommate chipped in for gas expenses, which amounted to around $10 per day, four to six days a week, depending on overtime. The roommate applied and got the job.

However, as time went on, Mel started experiencing issues with her roommate. Whenever something went wrong, the roommate would unleash her anger on Mel, blaming her for everything.

Late bills were somehow Mel’s fault, even if she had given her roommate the money before the due date.

Her Roommate Was Critical of Everything She Did

The roommate would also blame Mel if the apartment was messy, even after Mel had cleaned it the day before, especially when the roommate invited people over and neglected to clean up after them!

Furthermore, if the roommate couldn’t reach Mel on her phone due to technical issues, she accused Mel of intentionally ignoring or blocking her, despite Mel never doing so.

The roommate even barged into Mel’s room to yell at her. On top of all this, the roommate would use up all the cat litter and food Mel bought for her own cat and then complain if Mel didn’t buy more!

Despite driving her roommate to work for three months, Mel received a meager $5 for gas expenses.

And Told Her to Manage Her Finances Better

And if Mel couldn’t afford to go out and do things, the roommate would tell her to manage her budget better, oblivious to the fact that most of Mel’s money went toward transportation. What a joke!

One day, Mel discussed her situation with her sister, who advised her to leave as soon as possible. Acting swiftly, her sister and brother helped Mel move out within two hours.

When Mel left, her ex-roommate attempted to call her but couldn’t get through, leading to a heated confrontation in front of Mel’s sister.

The roommate then asked if Mel would continue to drive her to work, to which Mel firmly said no before departing.

Was She Mean?

So, was Mel mean for refusing to continue taking her ex-roommate to work? She took to Reddit to find out.

Redditors had a clear consensus: she was not a fool. They affirmed that Mel owed her ex-roommate nothing and praised Mel for her generosity and consideration.

According to the Redditors, the ex-roommates entitled, ungrateful, and rude behavior made it clear that she did not deserve any further support or care from Mel.

The Redditors encouraged Mel not to feel guilty about her decision and to recognize that her ex-roommate was not only using her but also abusive.

Time to Protect Herself

They emphasized that it was time for her to face the consequences of her bad behavior.

Many Redditors suggested that Mel inform a trusted coworker at the factory about the situation to protect herself, as they believed the ex-roommate might lash out or make false reports to their bosses.

Several Redditors advised Mel to contact the landlord to remove her name from the lease, so that that if the ex-roommate stopped paying rent, it would not negatively impact Mel’s credit.

The Redditors criticized the ex-roommates financial management, highlighting how she used Mel’s money for bills as her own spending money and took advantage of Mel’s belongings.

The Ex-roommate Is Unhinged!

Expressing relief that Mel’s siblings helped her move out, the Redditors described the ex-roommate as unhinged and hoped she would seek therapy.

They pointed out that the ex-roommates expectations, considering she was just a roommate and not a girlfriend, were unreasonable and that Mel had done the right thing by leaving the toxic situation.

Redditors overwhelmingly supported Mel, affirming that she was not wrong in the situation and encouraging her to protect herself from any potential backlash.

They recognized the emotional abuse she had endured and reassured her that she deserved better treatment.

And She Should Prioritize Her Well-Being

Sometimes, cutting toxic people out of our lives is necessary for our own well-being and happiness.

It is important to prioritize our own mental and emotional health and surround ourselves with people who treat us with respect and kindness.

Mel made the right decision here – hopefully, her roommate comes to understand that it was for the best too.

What do you think? Should Mel have stayed?

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