Her Sexist Boyfriend Told Her, “Don’t You Dare Come To Me Crying When You Get Sexually Assaulted. You’ll Deserve It!” When She’d Dressed Up for a Night Out

Three years into their relationship, Suzie, a 21-year-old woman, and her boyfriend, James, who was 24, experienced a significant confrontation that made Suzie question everything she thought she knew about him. James had been an extraordinary partner for most of their relationship, but a particular incident one night revealed a darker side to him that left Suzie deeply shaken.

She Looked Gorgeous and Felt on Top of the World

The drama unfolded on the evening Suzie had decided to attend a party hosted by a newly befriended mutual acquaintance.

Wanting to look her best and feel good about herself, Suzie had chosen to wear an outfit that she found sexy and empowering – a skirt that fell just above her knees and a backless crop top.

But when James saw her, he reacted in a way Suzie hadn’t expected.

James told her, his voice laced with a hard edge, that she should dress more modestly because she was “taken.” A heated argument ensued, with Suzie defending her right to wear whatever she pleased. 

“Don’t You Dare Come To Me Crying When You Get Sexually Assaulted. You’ll Deserve It!”

But the clash escalated, ending with James shouting at her, “Don’t you dare come to me crying when you get sexually assaulted. You’ll deserve it!”

His words echoed in Suzie’s head as she left the house, the door slamming shut behind her. She was hurt and shocked. Yet, despite the harsh exchange, Suzie managed to enjoy the party.

She was approached by a few men, who she turned down politely, and received many compliments about her outfit and looks, mostly from women and gay men.

However, every time someone told her she looked sexy, she felt a pang of sadness. The person she really wanted to hear that from was James, her boyfriend.

Would His Jealousy Fade Away in Time?

But maybe, Suzie wondered, he was just experiencing a bout of jealousy? Perhaps, as with his past occasional jealous episodes, this too would fade away with time?

Suzie dressed the way she did because it made her feel good about herself, not because she sought male attention.

The fact that James couldn’t understand this was upsetting. This time, however, his jealous episode had crossed a line. He had never insulted her so cruelly before nor implied such a horrifying consequence.

The incident haunted Suzie, pushing her to consider breaking up with James. But she found the thought distressing because three years was a long time to be with someone.

She Would Not Tolerate James’ Behavior

Yet, she couldn’t help but ask herself, was it worth staying with a man who held such a viewpoint? Could she continue loving someone who was capable of uttering such dreadful words?

These questions weighed heavily on Suzie’s mind as she contemplated her next move.

Suzie made her decision; she would not tolerate James’ behavior. Planning her next move carefully, she decided to meet him in a public place during the day for safety, inviting two of her friends to stay nearby but out of sight.

Suzie was nervous but prepared herself for the confrontation with James.

“It Was Different Because He Was a Man and She Was a Woman!”

As she sat across from him, her voice was steady and clear, “I want to break up with you. I refuse to be with someone who tells me what I can and cannot wear.”

His reaction was predictably hostile. James argued that he was merely asking her to “respect him as a man.”

Suzie reminded him of his own habits of working out half-naked and dressing up for parties without her – where was her respect as a woman?

But James dismissed her argument, stating that it was different because he was a man and she was a woman!

He Became Enraged, Shouting Obscenities at Her

Suzie remained calm and responded, “I don’t want to see you anymore,” with a clear ending in her voice.

However, her statement triggered an explosive reaction in James! He became enraged, shouting obscenities at her and slandering her with derogatory names. 

His anger escalated to the point where he even banged the table, wishing her a terrifying and painful future! It was then that her friends intervened.

Nick, a close and long-time friend who was tall and muscular, had anticipated the potential for such a scene and had suggested being nearby when Suzie broke up with James.

Should She Take a Restraining Order Against Him?

His imposing stature and firm command for James to leave Suzie alone was enough to diffuse the situation. James, realizing the physical disadvantage, shot Suzie a lethal look and stormed off.

While Suzie hasn’t heard from James since she’s left grappling with the aftermath. Nick has advised her to file a restraining order against James, an idea that Suzie is uncertain about.

She’s seen one too many movies like ‘Enough’ and doesn’t believe a restraining order would make her feel safer. 

However, Nick’s offer to have her stay at his place as a temporary “bodyguard” brought a much-needed chuckle amidst the tension. For now, she’s taken him up on his offer, grateful for his platonic brotherly support.

What are your thoughts on Suzie’s situation? Should she go ahead with the restraining order despite her doubts, or do you think she’s safe with Nick?

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