Her Sister-In-Law-To-Be Accuses Her of Plagiarism and Tells Her Brother, “You Can Find Someone Better”, Causing a Huge Family Raft and Harmonious Discord

A woman and her fiancée’s sister used to be close, but things took a shocking turn when the fiance accused her sister-in-law of copying her. Now, they don’t say a word to each other and find themselves in the middle of a huge family feud!

Her Future Sister-In-Law Blocked Her on Social Media

After four and a half years together, the woman noticed a distance growing between her and her fiancé’s sister. They’d drifted apart over the past few months, and things got even worse recently. 

The woman discovered that she was unfollowed and blocked on social media by her fiancé’s sister. It came as a total surprise and left her confused.

Wanting to know why she was blocked, the woman reached out to her fiancé’s sister. To her astonishment, she was accused of not liking her and copying her on social media. 

She denied these claims, feeling hurt and confused. Sadly, the sister didn’t respond to her message. The woman shared the situation with her fiancé, who was disgusted by his sister’s accusations. 

Tension Escalated “You Can Find Someone Better”

He decided to involve their parents, despite the woman’s plea to handle it privately. The tension escalated, leading to conflicts within the family.

During a family gathering, a niece revealed that the sister accused the woman of copying her. This angered the fiancé, leading him to confront his sister. 

Their conversation turned heated, with both exchanging harsh words. The sister eventually hung up on him. Later, the sister sent a hurtful text to the fiancé, expressing her disappointment and claiming the woman was copying her. 

She even suggested that the fiancé could find someone better. The woman blamed herself and felt guilty, while her fiancée continued arguing with his family. 

“You Know You’re in This Drama Too, Right?

Amidst this family turmoil, the woman questions whether she is responsible for the situation. 

On Reddit, users were quick to voice their opinion, with one user even saying, “ That’s such a weird hang up she’s got going. I was thinking maybe you both were influencers or something, which at least then could somewhat explain her reaction. So weird.”

Another user suggested everyone was to blame, “you know you’re in this drama too, right? Fiance too. All of you are childish. If my SIL told me I’m copying her over social media I’d laugh. Why would you be this worked up about all this silly stuff?”

Share your thoughts on who you think is at fault in this dramatic family feud!

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