Her Sister-In-Law Was Acting Out and Left Her Alone After Major Surgery, Her Brother Demands a Divorce and Full Custody of Their Daughter. She Blames Herself.

A young woman took to Reddit recently to ask for opinions after an incident with her sister-in-law that she thinks led to her brother filing for divorce. This is her full story.

She Was Heavily Sedated and Disorientated After an Op

OP is a 19-year-old woman who recently went in to have all four of her wisdom teeth removed. The procedure required her to be heavily sedated with IV medication.

Because of the sedation, OP would not be able to drive home from the procedure, so she needed someone to take her.

Due to a work trip, OP’s mother was unavailable. So OP asked her 24-year-old sister-in-law to take her since she was a stay-at-home mom. OP offered to pay for gas to cover the expenses.

On the day of the surgery, OP’s sister-in-law left her daughter with her own mother and showed up as planned to take OP to the appointment.

Her Mouth Was Stuffed With Gauze and She Felt Nauseous

After the surgery, OP was disorientated and nauseated due to the strong medication. Her mouth was also stuffed with gauze that was used to control bleeding from the surgery.

Instead of taking OP straight home, her sister-in-law made a stop much sooner than OP expected. She led OP out of the car and sat her down at a table.

Turns out, OP’s sister-in-law had decided to meet up with some friends at a pool since she didn’t have her daughter with her that day. She told OP she’d be back later, then disappeared.

It was hot and humid at the pool, and OP began to feel sick and dizzy. She thought she was going to pass out.

She Was on the Verge of a Panic Attack and Called Her Brother

On the verge of a panic attack, OP called her brother at work, but she could hardly get any words out thanks to the gauze in her mouth and still being medicated.

At some point OP’s sister-in-law stomped back in her direction, cussing and yelling. They got in the car, and OP passed out on the drive home.

When they got back to OP’s house, her brother was waiting for them. He started yelling at his wife, and she started crying.

OP’s brother took her inside and stayed with her while the medication wore off. When she was more coherent, he apologized for the situation and said that this was the last straw.

He Explained His Wife Had Been Acting Out

Her brother went on to tell OP that his wife had been acting out more and more, and that he didn’t think his daughter was safe with her any more.

He told a story about coming home from work one day to find his little girl alone, his wife nowhere to be found and not answering his calls.

OP’s brother also told her that neither he nor his wife had cheated in their marriage. It was all about his wife not being responsible and not safe for his daughter.

The day after OP’s surgery, her brother kicked his wife out of their house and sent her to a hotel. He told OP he’s filing for divorce and plans to seek full custody of their daughter.

… And That This Was the Last Straw

Now OP feels guilty because she thinks her oral surgery ruined her brother’s marriage. She knows there were problems beforehand, but she feels terrible that it all broke down because of her.

Redditors almost unanimously support OP and emphasize that she’s not the reason her brother’s marriage broke up.

They tell her the mess that her sister-in-law made after OP had her wisdom teeth out was just the last straw for her brother. He was on the verge of leaving his wife, anyway.

If it hadn’t been that situation that pushed him over the top, it would have been the next.

So, what do you think of this story?

Should OP feel guilty at all for the part she played in the end of her brother’s marriage?

Or was the end inevitable, and she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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